Module Name:    src
   Committed By:   riastradh
   Date:           Fri Dec 16 23:35:04 UTC 2016

   Modified Files:
           src/sys/kern: subr_devsw.c
           src/sys/sys: conf.h

   Log Message:
   Fix return value of nommap.

Oops.  It turns out on closer inspection -- in spite of the >=4
eyeballs that were on this before I committed -- that this change is
not necessary, because udv_attach explicitly tests whether the d_mmap
function pointer of the device in question is equal to nommap.  So
page number 19 is safe.

On the other hand, that fact makes the version bump for this change
all the more important because otherwise old modules would use a
*different* function pointer for nommap, namely enodev, from what the
kernel treats specially.

Either way, we ought not to do the UB function pointer casts, so this
change is still worthwhile and we ought to make similar changes for
all the other UB function pointer casts of enodev, nullop, &c.

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