> Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2017 22:02:09 +0300
> From: Valery Ushakov <u...@stderr.spb.ru>
> Also, portmasters could have been asked in advance, at least pro
> forma.  If I'm given a heads up and a summary of what needs to be
> done, I can usually schedule it within a few days.  When I see a
> commit out of the blue that breaks several ports, I naturally assume
> the author might not have relaized they are breaking things.  Stuff
> like that happens, no big deal.  And then it's safer to revert the
> commit temporarily than to second-guess.

Fair enough -- my apologies for the churn.  In this I expect the fix
should be easy for anyone who is comfortable making port-specific
changes on the ports whose builds were broken.

> If I know *what* about sparc and sh3? :)
> I'm happily clueless about libm.  If nobody tells me what they want, I
> can't help.  Also, with all the hand-wringing about our libm being
> completely broken I'd expect there's at least a high-level summary of
> what is broken or missing.  Or would you rather spring those surprises
> on us one function at a time? :)

he@ noticed that nearbyint was missing on macppc.  We don't have a
comprehensive test suite for libm -- we're incrementally working
toward one, and this is one step.

In this case, the only question is: will s_nearbyint.c work for the
floating-point representation on sparc and sh3?  I assume they use
IEEE 754 like everyone else on the planet except VAX, so the answer is
almost certainly `yes'.  If so, the only work is to edit the libm
Makefile to include s_nearbyint.c on those platforms.

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