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Maxime Villard  <> wrote:
>Le 22/02/2018 à 15:54, Christos Zoulas a écrit :
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>> Martin Husemann <> wrote:
>>> -=-=-=-=-=-
>>> Module Name:        src
>>> Committed By:       martin
>>> Date:               Thu Feb 22 14:08:48 UTC 2018
>>> Modified Files:
>>>     src/sys/arch/amd64/amd64: locore.S
>>> Log Message:
>>> Protect the SVS part of SYSCALL_ENTRY by #ifdef SVS to make non-SVS
>>> kernels compile again.
>> The combination of "#ifdef" and ".if" makes the code more horrific.
>> Can we use one and not the other? Preferrably "#ifdef" since we already
>> use it extensively?
>In this case the ifdef just had to be put around the declaration.
>You can't replace .if by #ifdef, there are two SYSCALL_ENTRY declarations,
>and we give a different argument depending on whether we want the SVS code
>to be in the macro or not.

The question is do we want to keep using both cpp and assembly macros.
The use of assembly macros is recent, the cpp one has always been there.
I.e. until recently we were not using .macro or .if, now we are.


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