On 05/04/18 22:42, matthew green wrote:
> nothing off hand, but i remember being "not happy" about it as
> an exposed interface.

ah, is it likely the interface will improve by the time NetBSD 9 lands?

>>> please make it build private copy for bozohttpd(3lua) instead of
>>> installing this for the whole to use.
>> Sure, so create a new directory in src/lib for libbozohttpd, get the
>> library to build with a new Makefile and set LIBISPRIVATE?
> you could do this in the existing subdir i guess, rather than have
> a new one for it.  but it doesn't really matter exactly how.
> thanks!

Doesn't work, Lua libraries are built with -fPIC and LIBISPRIVATE sets
that off in bsd.lib.mk.


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