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> I think this the way to go.  I’ll look at it a little later tonight.
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>> On Dec 26, 2018, at 4:11 PM, Taylor R Campbell 
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>> 2. Chuck the job reference count altogether.  Just use job_thread as a
>>  proxy for whether it's in use.  User must not call
>>  threadpool_schedule_job concurrently with threadpool_job_destroy;
>>  if a job may have been scheduled, user must cancel it before
>>  destroying it.

To elaborate -- this is the same requirement in the task(9) API -- In fact, my 
unit test tripped over this requirement by virtue of using implicit-task-done, 
and so the safe thing to do is always cancel before destroying unless you're 
doing extra bookkeeping in the caller where you're using other means to ensure 
jobs / tasks are complete.

-- thorpej

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