On 01.01.2019 04:13, Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:
>> Log Message:
>> Install most of the llvm headers.
>> This is missing some generated files, llvm/include/IR/*.inc
> Can you please not do such changes without proper discussion? I'm *very*
> strongly against this. At the very least it is not useful in this form
> and before any kind of decision on the ABI stability we are willing to
> commit for LLVM is made, this should never have been committed. As is,
> it should be reverted.

LLVM has no API/ABI stability contract and we are down to just keep
syncing the headers and libraries with LLVM releases.

There is an open thread (without complains) about this import.

Regarding usefulness, it's a step forward to reusing builtin toolchain
for dependencies (xsrc, pkgsrc).

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