> > > Why? I consider this totaly useless bloat, what was wrong with the 
> > > boot.cfg
> > > solution?
> > 
> > policy:  no default modules in the installation unless licenses
> > issues force such, until module+kernel solution.
> OK, but this is gone awry. The boot.cfg solution is great if anoyne
> really needs this dmesg sugar, everyone else can go on using pcictl 
> later instead.
> So now the (reasonable) policy forces a (relatively harmless, as easily
> overidable but still useless) change into bloat for everyone. Can we
> just revert to the state before the initial boot.cfg change instead?

i'm not really a fan of this solution.

this code was removed from GENERIC back when ad was pushing
hard on modules and reducing memory consumption using them,
but we've got problems still to resolve about their safe
usage.  (i really can't agree with your "harmless" line
above.  modules are dangerous even with careful usage

so, this change is really about reverting a bad choice made
11 years ago, that still has not been properly resolved.
we lost that functionality in netbsd 5.0 GENERIC with the
idea it would be resolved "soon".  it's been a long, long


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