On Wed, Dec 18, 2019 at 06:47:44AM -0500, Christos Zoulas wrote:
> While there was no discussion, it is more efficient to have the discussion
> whether we should put it back or not (instead of putting it back first and
> having the discussion). Of course we should fix the build first since it seems
> to be broken.
> The reality of the situation is that the syscall race has been there for 
> months
> and nobody has taken responsibility to fix it. The code is in version control,
> so someone should fix it first and then we can discuss if we should bring it
> back.

I'd like to also publicly object to the removal of the code from bmake
(I responded privately at first).
FreeBSD has filemon, and I suspect it has more acceptance there, but
maxv stated he will propose it.
Sharing the code with FreeBSD is more than worth the 200 unused-by-us
lines of code, and it's already optional.
No rush though. Let's wait to see what they say.

I have no objections to removing the kernel module.

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