Le 23/12/2019 à 04:18, Taylor R Campbell a écrit :
Date: Sun, 22 Dec 2019 10:24:01 +0100
From: Maxime Villard <m...@m00nbsd.net>

You, Martin Christos and Taylor, are trying to change subject, find
excuses, and are sending me irrelevant responses vaguely insinuating that
I should revert my change only without addressing the additional concerns
expressed repeatedly. I fail to see whether I should take these as official
core answers.

If they are, please clearly say so.

Please revert your filemon deletion and leave the existing mitigation
in place for the moment pending discussion.  We can address the
additional concerns afterward.

-Riastradh, on behalf of core

You see, it wasn't really complicated. I have now reverted the removal.

Just to sum up a few points:

 - I am severely accused of wrongdoing. Yet, under core's watch, secteam
   proceeded with a careless disabling of filemon with no public discussion
   whatsoever. For some reason, there suddenly is no wrongdoing here.
 - Actually the reason is apparently that security issues must be discussed
   in private. Yet, having been in secteam, I was systematically told to
   stop the discussions and make them public, which I always did. For some
   reason, there is no need to make these discussions public anymore.
 - But whatever, I really have to revert my removal _before_ any form of
   discussion is engaged on this topic. Yet, for some reason, maya's
   broken disabling must be left as-is and shouldn't be reverted _after_
   discussion on the topic.
 - All in the name of consensus and community. And who cares if core and
   secteam openly demonstrate gross disregard for said consensus and
   community the way they have just now.

I believe core has just made a great farce of itself with these double
standards. For the record:

Le 21/12/2019 à 23:48, Christos Zoulas a écrit :
If you are unhappy with core@ talk to board@.

I have now escalated the matter to board.


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