Kamil Rytarowski <n...@gmx.com> writes:

> Please check this workaround:
> http://netbsd.org/~kamil/patch-00224-firefox-pthread_equal.txt
> It has to be applied on firefox's package.

Thank you very much.

This should be applied to pkgsrc/devel/nspr with slight change.
(devel/nspr's C files cannot accept // comment.)
This eliminates segfaults.

For the record, pthread_equal()'s first thread pointer, mon->owner, is
invalid in PR_GetMonitorEntryCount() in nspr/pr/src/pthreads/ptsynch.c
of devel/nspr.

> The problem has to be reported upstream as a real bug.

Please file the bug report to Mozilla's bugzilla.

Thank you very much.

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