On 20-04-26 18:15, Maxime Villard wrote:
  |  - There was no demonstrated use-case justifying importing it. In addition,
  |    major OSes like Windows and macOS do not implement SCTP. There just is no
  |    demand for SCTP on the market; and on NetBSD, proportionally even less.

SCTP is used in mobile telco environments; the control plane for
3G and 4G networks uses SCTP (or TCP as an option, but mostly SCTP).

NetBSD is a server OS; and could be viable in that market, which
currently is mostly Linux (AFAICT), which does have a viable SCTP stack.

It's understandable why macOS (a client OS) doesn't support SCTP.

Besides the rest of your arguments (which may be valid), this particular
one is not.


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