In article <>,
Nia Alarie <> wrote:
>Module Name:   src
>Committed By:  nia
>Date:          Wed May  6 16:17:37 UTC 2020
>Modified Files:
>       src/distrib/sets/lists/comp: mi
>       src/include: unistd.h
>       src/lib/libc/gen:
>       src/lib/libc/include: namespace.h
>Added Files:
>       src/lib/libc/gen: getentropy.3 getentropy.c
>Log Message:
>Add getentropy() to libc - a simple wrapper to access the kernel CSPRNG.
>Posted to tech-userlevel@ a week ago and reviewed by riastradh@.

Nia, I think you've jumped the gun here. The discussion was still going
and it is not clear that getentropy() should be added right now.



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