> On Jun 11, 2020, at 4:28 PM, Kamil Rytarowski <ka...@netbsd.org> wrote:
>> Repeating that statement doesn't make it true. The amount of legit
>> problems found by them is dwarfed by far by the number of false
>> positives seen. That's complete ignoring basic QoI issues like "where is
>> this actually triggered" and no "I know, shut up".
>> Joerg
> Please list legitimate false positives. There is practically nothing
> like that possible for using deprecated APIs (at least kept longer
> term). Besides that, the report shall be lowered to warning (like it
> used to be for Clang).

Like it or not, __warn_references() is the thing we do in the NetBSD source 
tree, and I have other reasons for not marking them deprecated in the headers 
for the moment.  Clang can't cope, so I will change it so it's suppressed only 
for clang.

-- thorpej

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