>  > The best way should be automatically converting them by some script
>  > when building. But if it is too difficult, we can install these files
>  > as is with minimum adjustments for our system; mandoc still works for
>  > them, although output is not very beautiful.
> I shouldn't have made the changes here for another reason, as the 
> manuals are in man1m/$name.1m, it doesn't fit in easily with the 
> mechanism we have in src/share/mk for installing manuals which assumes 
> $name.[1-9].

the manual in the tree might be called "foo.1m" by upstream,
however, we should just install those into man8/foo.8.

be nice to have a generic 1m -> 8 rule here, since i doubt
that upstream will change from svr4/solaris naming.


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