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Nia Alarie writes:
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> Log Message:
> afterboot.8: Explain how to install pkgin on a fresh system
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> +.Pp
> +To install pkgin, if it was not done by the installer:
> +.Bd -literal -offset indent
> +.Ic export 
> PKG_PATH=https://ftp.netbsd.org/pub/pkgsrc/packages/NetBSD/9.0/amd64/All
> +.Ic pkg_add pkgin
> [...]

Can this use cdn.NetBSD.org and made a bit more general instead of
hardcoding version/port please?

Instead of 9.0/amd64 probably something like:

 $(uname -r | tr -cd '[0-9.]')/$(sysctl -n hw.machine_arch)

(the `tr -cd '[0-9.]'' should get rid of possible _STABLE, _BETA and
similar... probably there are better way to do it, in that case please
adjust it or let me know!)


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