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nia wrote:
> > > -It is called at any time.
> > > +It can be called at any time.
> > 
> > The later sounds to me "You(developer of MD driver) can call
> > it at any time".  If so, it's incorrect.
> Maybe "it can be called by the MI layer at any time" is clearer
> here, then? I can change it to that.

That's true, but sounds a bit redundant.
Because these all are callback functions called by the MI layer.

Is there any better text?
The MI layer can(will?) call this in the Opened phase or in the
Closed phase, or even in the Attach phase.  This means, for example,
that you (MD driver) cannot assume that you can prepare(initialize)
something in open() before this (since this can be called in the
Closed phase), and you cannot assume that it has returned from MI
attach (since this can be called in the Attach phase).

> > Is "only" a typo?  or is it better to remove it in English?
> I think it's clear that conversion of other formats is not
> supported by the rest of the paragraph, so it doesn't need to
> be mentioned here, where the primary purpose of the sentence
> is to explain why you don't need to handle conversion in that
> case yourself.

If it's clear for readers, no problem to me.

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