Module Name:    src
Committed By:   snj
Date:           Tue Aug  2 15:41:46 UTC 2022

Modified Files:
        src/sys/dev/pci [netbsd-8]: pcidevs

Log Message:
Pull up following revision(s) (requested by msaitoh in ticket #1754):
        sys/dev/pci/pcidevs: 1.1445-1.1460 via patch
Update pcidevs:
- Add Intel Alder Lake devices and Intel 600 Series PCH devices.
- Add some Intel Xeon Scalable / Skylake-E devices.
- Fix AMD F16_HB from 0x1568 to 0x1538.
- Add some devices for AMD and improve some descriptions to clarify.
- Add VMware AHCI and NVMe.
- Update Intel 700 series Ethernet devices.
- Add some Broadcom devices.
- Add some Broadcom / LSI RAID cards.
- Fix typos and whitespace.

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cvs rdiff -u -r1.1289.2.21 -r1.1289.2.22 src/sys/dev/pci/pcidevs

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Index: src/sys/dev/pci/pcidevs
diff -u src/sys/dev/pci/pcidevs:1.1289.2.21 src/sys/dev/pci/pcidevs:1.1289.2.22
--- src/sys/dev/pci/pcidevs:1.1289.2.21	Fri Dec  3 17:38:16 2021
+++ src/sys/dev/pci/pcidevs	Tue Aug  2 15:41:46 2022
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-$NetBSD: pcidevs,v 1.1289.2.21 2021/12/03 17:38:16 martin Exp $
+$NetBSD: pcidevs,v 1.1289.2.22 2022/08/02 15:41:46 snj Exp $
  * Copyright (c) 1995, 1996 Christopher G. Demetriou
@@ -225,7 +225,7 @@ vendor DIGICOM		0x10ab	Digicom
 vendor HONEYWELL	0x10ac	Honeywell IASD
 vendor SYMPHONY		0x10ad	Symphony Labs
 vendor CORNERSTONE	0x10ae	Cornerstone Technology
-vendor MICROCOMPSON	0x10af	Micro Computer Sysytems (M) SON
+vendor MICROCOMPSON	0x10af	Micro Computer Systems (M) SON
 vendor CARDEXPER	0x10b0	CardExpert Technology
 vendor CABLETRON	0x10b1	Cabletron Systems
 vendor RAYETHON		0x10b2	Raytheon
@@ -1007,6 +1007,22 @@ product AMD F15_30_HB		0x1424	Family15h 
 product AMD F15_30_RP_5		0x1425	Family15h Root Port
 product AMD F15_30_RP_6		0x1426	Family15h Root Port
 product AMD F16_GPPB		0x1439	Family16h GPP Bridge
+product AMD F17_7X_DF_1		0x1440	17h/7xh Data Fabric
+product AMD F17_7X_DF_2		0x1441	17h/7xh Data Fabric
+product AMD F17_7X_DF_3		0x1442	17h/7xh Data Fabric
+product AMD F17_7X_DF_4		0x1443	17h/7xh Data Fabric
+product AMD F17_7X_DF_5		0x1444	17h/7xh Data Fabric
+product AMD F17_7X_DF_6		0x1445	17h/7xh Data Fabric
+product AMD F17_7X_DF_7		0x1446	17h/7xh Data Fabric
+product AMD F17_7X_DF_8		0x1447	17h/7xh Data Fabric
+product AMD F17_6X_DF_0		0x1448	17h/6xh Data Fabric
+product AMD F17_6X_DF_1		0x1449	17h/6xh Data Fabric
+product AMD F17_6X_DF_2		0x144a	17h/6xh Data Fabric
+product AMD F17_6X_DF_3		0x144b	17h/6xh Data Fabric
+product AMD F17_6X_DF_4		0x144c	17h/6xh Data Fabric
+product AMD F17_6X_DF_5		0x144d	17h/6xh Data Fabric
+product AMD F17_6X_DF_6		0x144e	17h/6xh Data Fabric
+product AMD F17_6X_DF_7		0x144f	17h/6xh Data Fabric
 product AMD F17_RC		0x1450	Family17h Root Complex
 product AMD F17_IOMMU		0x1451	Family17h IOMMU
 product AMD F17_PCIE_1		0x1452	Family17h PCIe
@@ -1030,8 +1046,12 @@ product AMD F17_PCIE_4		0x1470	Family17h
 product AMD F17_PCIE_5		0x1471	Family17h PCIe
 product AMD F17_7X_RC		0x1480	Family17h/7xh Root Complex
 product AMD F17_7X_IOMMU	0x1481	Family17h/7xh IOMMU
+product AMD F17_7X_HB		0x1482	17h/7xh Host Bridge
+product AMD F17_7X_PCIE_1	0x1483	17h/7xh PCIe
+product AMD F17_7X_PCIE_2	0x1484	17h/7xh PCIe
 product AMD F17_7X_RESV_SPP	0x1485	Family17h/7xh Reserved SPP
 product AMD F17_7X_CCP		0x1486	Family17h/7xh Crypto
+product AMD F17_3X_HDA		0x1487	17h/7xh HD Audio
 product AMD F17_7X_USB3		0x149c	Family17h/7xh USB 3.0 Host Controller
 product AMD F14_RC		0x1510	Family14h Root Complex
 product AMD F14_PCIE_1		0x1512	Family14h PCIe
@@ -1047,37 +1067,45 @@ product AMD F16_CSTATE		0x1534	Family16h
 product AMD F16_MISC		0x1535	Family16h Miscellaneous Configuration
 product AMD F16_RC		0x1536	Family16h Root Complex
 product AMD F16_CCP		0x1537	Family16h Cryptographic Coprocessor
+product AMD F16_HB		0x1538	Family16h Host Bridge
 product AMD F16_30_RC		0x1566	Family16h Root Complex
 product AMD F16_30_IOMMU	0x1567	Family16h IOMMU
-product AMD F16_HB		0x1568	Family16h Host Bridge
 product AMD F16_30_HB		0x156b	Family16h Host Bridge
-product AMD F15_60_PF_0		0x1570	Family15h Processor Function 0
-product AMD F15_60_PF_1		0x1571	Family15h Processor Function 1
-product AMD F15_60_PF_2		0x1572	Family15h Processor Function 2
-product AMD F15_60_PF_3		0x1573	Family15h Processor Function 3
-product AMD F15_60_PF_4		0x1574	Family15h Processor Function 4
-product AMD F15_60_PF_5		0x1575	Family15h Processor Function 5
-product AMD F15_60_RC		0x1576	Family15h Root Complex
-product AMD F15_60_IOMMU	0x1577	Family15h IOMMU
-product AMD F15_60_PSP		0x1578	Family15h PSP
-product AMD F15_60_AC		0x157a	Family15h Audio Controller
-product AMD F15_60_HB		0x157b	Family15h Host Bridge
-product AMD F15_60_RP		0x157c	Family15h Root Port
+product AMD F15_6X_PF_0		0x1570	15h/6xh Processor Function 0
+product AMD F15_6X_PF_1		0x1571	15h/6xh Processor Function 1
+product AMD F15_6X_PF_2		0x1572	15h/6xh Processor Function 2
+product AMD F15_6X_PF_3		0x1573	15h/6xh Processor Function 3
+product AMD F15_6X_PF_4		0x1574	15h/6xh Processor Function 4
+product AMD F15_6X_PF_5		0x1575	15h/6xh Processor Function 5
+product AMD F15_6X_RC		0x1576	15h/6xh Root Complex
+product AMD F15_6X_IOMMU	0x1577	15h/6xh IOMMU
+product AMD F15_6X_PSP		0x1578	15h/6xh PSP
+product AMD F15_6X_HDA		0x157a	15h/6xh Audio Controller
+product AMD F15_6X_HB		0x157b	15h/6xh Host Bridge
+product AMD F15_6X_RP		0x157c	15h/6xh Root Port
+product AMD F15_6X_HB_2		0x157d	15h/6xh Host Bridge
 product AMD F16_30_HT		0x1580	Family16h HyperTransport Configuration
 product AMD F16_30_ADDR		0x1581	Family16h Address Map Configuration
 product AMD F16_30_DRAM		0x1582	Family16h DRAM Configuration
 product AMD F16_30_NB		0x1583	Family16h North Bridge Configuration
 product AMD F16_30_CSTATE	0x1584	Family16h CPU C-state Configuration
 product AMD F16_30_MISC		0x1585	Family16h Miscellaneous Configuration
+product AMD F15_7X_HT		0x15b0	15h/7xh HyperTransport Configuration
+product AMD F15_7X_ADDR		0x15b1	15h/7xh Address Map Configuration
+product AMD F15_7X_DRAM		0x15b2	15h/7xh DRAM Configuration
+product AMD F15_7X_NB		0x15b3	15h/7xh North Bridge Configuration
+product AMD F15_7X_CSTATE	0x15b4	15h/7xh CPU C-state Configuration
+product AMD F15_7X_MISC		0x15b5	15h/7xh Miscellaneous Configuration
 product AMD F17_1X_RC		0x15d0	Family17h/1xh Root Complex
 product AMD F17_1X_IOMMU	0x15d1	Family17h/1xh IOMMU
 product AMD F17_1X_PCIE_1	0x15d3	Family17h/1xh PCIe
 product AMD F17_1X_PCIE_2	0x15db	Family17h/1xh PCIe
 product AMD F17_1X_PCIE_3	0x15dc	Family17h/1xh PCIe
 product AMD F17_1X_PSP		0x15df	Family17h/1xh Platform Security Processor
-product AMD F17_1X_XHCI_1	0x15e0	Family17h/1xh xHCI
-product AMD F17_1X_XHCI_2	0x15e1	Family17h/1xh xHCI
-product AMD F17_1X_HDAUDIO	0x15e3	Family17h/1xh HD Audio Controller
+product AMD F17_1X_XHCI_1	0x15e0	Family17h/1xh USB 3.1 xHCI
+product AMD F17_1X_XHCI_2	0x15e1	Family17h/1xh USB 3.1 xHCI
+product AMD F17_1X_ACP		0x15e2	17h/1xh I2S Audio
+product AMD F17_1X_HDA		0x15e3	Family17h/1xh HD Audio Controller
 product AMD F17_1X_DF_0		0x15e8	Family17h/1xh Data Fabric
 product AMD F17_1X_DF_1		0x15e9	Family17h/1xh Data Fabric
 product AMD F17_1X_DF_2		0x15ea	Family17h/1xh Data Fabric
@@ -1092,13 +1120,39 @@ product AMD F15_DRAM		0x1602	Family15h D
 product AMD F15_MISC		0x1603	Family15h Miscellaneous Configuration
 product AMD F15_LINK		0x1604	Family15h Link Configuration
 product AMD F15_NB		0x1605	Family15h North Bridge Configuration
+product AMD F17_6X_RC		0x1630	17h/6xh Root Complex
+product AMD F17_6X_IOMMU	0x1631	17h/6xh IOMMU
+product AMD F17_6X_HB		0x1632	17h/6xh Host Bridge
+product AMD F17_6X_PCIE_1	0x1633	17h/6xh PCIe
+product AMD F17_6X_PCIE_2	0x1634	17h/6xh PCIe
+product AMD F17_6X_PCIE_3	0x1635	17h/6xh PCIe
+product AMD F17_6X_HDAUDIO	0x1637	17h/6xh HD Audio Controller
+product AMD F17_6X_XHCI		0x1639	17h/6xh xHCI
+product AMD F17_6X_XGBE		0x1641	17h/6xh 10GbE Controller
+product AMD F17_6X_WLAN		0x1642	17h/6xh WLAN
+product AMD F17_6X_BT		0x1643	17h/6xh Bluetooth
+product AMD F17_6X_I2S		0x1644	17h/6xh I2S
+product AMD F19_5X_DF_0		0x166a	19h/5xh Data Fabric
+product AMD F19_5X_DF_1		0x166b	19h/5xh Data Fabric
+product AMD F19_5X_DF_2		0x166c	19h/5xh Data Fabric
+product AMD F19_5X_DF_3		0x166d	19h/5xh Data Fabric
+product AMD F19_5X_DF_4		0x166e	19h/5xh Data Fabric
+product AMD F19_5X_DF_5		0x166f	19h/5xh Data Fabric
+product AMD F19_5X_DF_6		0x1670	19h/5xh Data Fabric
+product AMD F19_5X_DF_7		0x1671	19h/5xh Data Fabric
 product AMD F14_HT		0x1700	Family12h/14h HyperTransport Configuration
 product AMD F14_ADDR		0x1701	Family12h/14h Address Map Configuration
 product AMD F14_DRAM		0x1702	Family12h/14h DRAM Configuration
 product AMD F14_NB		0x1703	Family12h/14h North Bridge Configuration
 product AMD F14_CSTATE		0x1704	Family12h/14h CPU C-state Configuration
 product AMD F12_RC		0x1705	Family12h Root Complex
+product AMD F12_PCIE_1		0x1707	Family12h PCIe
+product AMD F12_PCIE_2		0x1708	Family12h PCIe
 product AMD F12_GPP0		0x1709	Family12h GPP0 Root Port
+product AMD F12_PCIE_4		0x170a	Family12h PCIe
+product AMD F12_PCIE_5		0x170b	Family12h PCIe
+product AMD F12_PCIE_6		0x170c	Family12h PCIe
+product AMD F12_PCIE_7		0x170d	Family12h PCIe
 product AMD F14_MISC		0x1716	Family12h/14h Misc. Configuration
 product AMD F14_HB18		0x1718	Family12h/14h Host Bridge
 product AMD F14_HB19		0x1719	Family12h/14h Host Bridge
@@ -1133,6 +1187,14 @@ product AMD 400SERIES_PCIE_1	0x43c6	400 
 product AMD 400SERIES_PCIE_2	0x43c7	400 Series PCIe
 product AMD 400SERIES_AHCI	0x43c8	400 Series AHCI
 product AMD 400SERIES_XHCI	0x43d0	400 Series xHCI
+product AMD 400SERIES_XHCI_2	0x43d1	400 Series xHCI
+product AMD 500SERIES_PCIE_1	0x43e9	500 Series PCIe
+product AMD 500SERIES_PCIE_2	0x43ea	500 Series PCIe
+product AMD 500SERIES_AHCI	0x43eb	500 Series AHCI
+product AMD 500SERIES_XHCI	0x43ee	500 Series xHCI
+product AMD 500SERIES_PCIE_3	0x57a3	500 Series PCIe
+product AMD 500SERIES_PCIE_4	0x57a4	500 Series PCIe
+product AMD 500SERIES_PCIE_5	0x57ad	500 Series PCIe
 product AMD SC751_SC		0x7006	AMD751 System Controller
 product AMD SC751_PPB		0x7007	AMD751 PCI-PCI Bridge
 product AMD IGR4_AGP		0x700a	AMD IGR4 AGP Bridge
@@ -1152,7 +1214,7 @@ product AMD PBC756_USB		0x740c	AMD756 US
 product AMD PBC766_ISA		0x7410	AMD766 South Bridge
 product AMD PBC766_IDE		0x7411	AMD766 IDE Controller
 product AMD PBC766_PMC		0x7413	AMD766 Power Management Controller
-product AMD PBC766_USB		0x7414	AMD766 USB Host Controller
+product AMD PBC766_OHCI		0x7414	AMD766 USB OHCI
 product AMD PBC768_ISA		0x7440	AMD768 PCI-ISA/LPC Bridge
 product AMD PBC768_IDE		0x7441	AMD768 EIDE Controller
 product AMD PBC768_PMC		0x7443	AMD768 Power Management Controller
@@ -1169,6 +1231,7 @@ product	AMD PCIX_APIC		0x7459	AMD8132 PC
 product AMD PBC8111		0x7460	AMD8111 I/O Hub
 product AMD PBC8111_USB_7461	0x7461	AMD8111 7461 USB Host Controller
 product AMD PBC8111_ETHER	0x7462	AMD8111 Ethernet
+product AMD PBC8111_EHCI	0x7463	AMD8111 USB EHCI
 product AMD PBC8111_USB		0x7464	AMD8111 USB Host Controller
 product AMD PBC8111_LPC		0x7468	AMD8111 LPC Controller
 product AMD PBC8111_IDE		0x7469	AMD8111 IDE Controller
@@ -1196,14 +1259,17 @@ product AMD HUDSON_XHCI		0x7812	Hudson U
 product AMD FCH_SDHC		0x7813	FCH SD Flash Controller
 product AMD FCH_XHCI		0x7814	FCH USB xHCI Controller
 product AMD KERNCZ_SATA_1	0x7900	FCH SATA
-product AMD KERNCZ_AHCI_1	0x7901	FCH AHCI
 product AMD KERNCZ_RAID_1	0x7902	FCH RAID
 product AMD KERNCZ_RAID_2	0x7903	FCH RAID
-product AMD KERNCZ_AHCI_2	0x7904	FCH AHCI
-product AMD KERNCZ_EHCI		0x7908	FCH USB2
+product AMD KERNCZ_SD		0x7906	FCH SD
+product AMD KERNCZ_EHCI		0x7908	FCH EHCI
 product AMD KERNCZ_SMB		0x790b	X370/X399 SMBus Controller
 product AMD KERNCZ_LPC		0x790e	FCH LPC
 product AMD KERNCZ_XHCI		0x7914	FCH xHCI
 product AMD RS780_HB		0x9600	RS780 Host Bridge
 product AMD RS880_HB		0x9601	RS785/RS880 Host Bridge
 product AMD RS780_PPB_GFX	0x9602	RS780/RS880 PCI-PCI Bridge (int gfx)
@@ -2511,6 +2577,9 @@ product BROADCOM BCM4350	0x43a3	BCM4350 
 product BROADCOM BCM43602	0x43ba	BCM43602 802.11ac Wireless LAN SoC
 product BROADCOM BCM4401	0x4401	BCM4401 10/100 Ethernet
 product BROADCOM BCM4401_B0	0x4401	BCM4401-B0 10/100 Ethernet
+product BROADCOM BCM4371	0x440d	BCM4371
+product BROADCOM BCM4378	0x4425	BCM4378
+product BROADCOM BCM4387	0x4433	BCM4387
 product BROADCOM BCM4727	0x4727	BCM4727 802.11b/g/n
 product BROADCOM 5801		0x5801	5801 Security Processor
 product BROADCOM 5802		0x5802	5802 Security Processor
@@ -3916,6 +3985,7 @@ product INTEL 82547EI		0x1019	i82547EI G
 product INTEL 82547EI_MOBILE    0x101a  i82547EI Mobile Gigabit Ethernet
 product INTEL 82546EB_QUAD	0x101d	i82546EB 1000baseT Ethernet
 product INTEL 82540EP_LP	0x101e	i82540EP Gigabit Ethernet
+product INTEL V710_5G_T		0x101f	V710 5000BaseT Ethernet
 product INTEL 82545GM_COPPER	0x1026	i82545GM 1000baseT Ethernet
 product INTEL 82545GM_FIBER	0x1027	i82545GM 1000baseX Ethernet
 product INTEL 82545GM_SERDES	0x1028	i82545GM Gigabit Ethernet (SERDES)
@@ -3942,6 +4012,8 @@ product INTEL 82801H_AMT	0x104a	i82801H 
 product INTEL 82801H_LAN	0x104b	i82801H LAN Controller
 product INTEL 82801H_IFE_LAN	0x104c	i82801H (IFE) LAN Controller
 product INTEL 82801H_M_LAN	0x104d	i82801H (M) LAN Controller
+product INTEL X710_10G_SFP	0x104e	X710-TM4 10GbE SFP+
+product INTEL X710_10G_BP	0x104f	X710-TM4 10GbE Backplane
 product INTEL PRO_100_VM_6	0x1050	PRO/100 VM Network Controller w/ 82562ET/EZ PHY
 product INTEL 82801EB_LAN	0x1051	82801EB/ER 10/100 Ethernet
 product INTEL PRO_100_VM_7	0x1052	PRO/100 VM Network Connection
@@ -4143,21 +4215,21 @@ product INTEL X550_VF		0x1565	X550 10 Gb
 product INTEL I219_LM		0x156f	I219-LM Ethernet Connection
 product INTEL I219_V		0x1570	I219-V Ethernet Connection
 product INTEL XL710_VF_HV	0x1571	XL710 Ethernet Virtual Function
-product INTEL XL710_SFP		0x1572	XL710 SFP+ Ethernet
+product INTEL XL710_SFP		0x1572	XL710 SFP+ Ethernet (SFI)
 product INTEL I210_COPPER_WOF	0x157b	I210 Ethernet (COPPER)
 product INTEL I210_SERDES_WOF	0x157c	I210 Ethernet (SERDES)
 product INTEL XL710_KX_A	0x157f	XL710 KX Ethernet
-product INTEL XL710_KX_B	0x1580	XL710 KX Ethernet
-product INTEL XL710_KX_C	0x1581	XL710 KX Ethernet
+product INTEL XL710_KX_B	0x1580	XL710 40GbE backplane (KX)
+product INTEL XL710_KX_C	0x1581	XL710 10GbE backplane (KX)
 product INTEL XL710_QSFP_A	0x1583	XL710 40GbE QSFP+
 product INTEL XL710_QSFP_B	0x1584	XL710 40GbE QSFP+
 product INTEL XL710_QSFP_C	0x1585	XL710 40GbE QSFP+
-product INTEL X710_10G_T	0x1586	X710 10GBaseT Ethernet
+product INTEL X710_10G_T_1	0x1586	X710 10GBASE-T Ethernet
 product INTEL XL710_20G_BP_1	0x1587	XL710 20GbE Backplane
 product INTEL XL710_20G_BP_2	0x1588	XL710 20GbE Backplane
 product INTEL X710_T4_10G	0x1589	X710-T4 10GbaseT
 product INTEL XXV710_25G_BP	0x158a	XXV710 25GbE Backplane
-product INTEL XXV710_25G_SFP28	0x158b	XXV710 SFP28
+product INTEL XXV710_25G_SFP28	0x158b	XXV710 25GbE SFP28
 product INTEL I218_LM2		0x15a0	I218-LM Ethernet Connection
 product INTEL I218_V2		0x15a1	I218-V Ethernet Connection
 product INTEL I218_LM3		0x15a2	I218-LM Ethernet Connection
@@ -4208,6 +4280,7 @@ product INTEL I219_LM14		0x15f9	I219-LM 
 product INTEL I219_V14		0x15fa	I219-V (14) Ethernet Connection
 product INTEL I219_LM13		0x15fb	I219-LM (13) Ethernet Connection
 product INTEL I219_V13		0x15fc	I219-V (13) Ethernet Connection
+product INTEL X710_10G_T_2	0x15ff	X710-TM4 10GBASE-T Ethernet
 product INTEL CORE5G_HB_1	0x1604	Core 5G Host Bridge
 product INTEL CORE5G_M_GT1	0x1606	HD Graphics (GT1)
 product INTEL CORE5G_HDA_1	0x160c	Core 5G HD Audio
@@ -4489,9 +4562,40 @@ product INTEL C2000_SGMII	0x1f41	C2000 E
 product INTEL C2000_DUMMYGBE	0x1f42	C2000 Ethernet(Dummy function)
 product INTEL C2000_25GBE	0x1f45	C2000 Ethernet(2.5Gbe)
 product INTEL XEONSC_UBOX_0	0x2014	Xeon Scalable Ubox
-product INTEL XEONSC_UBOX_1	0x2016	Xeon Scalable Ubox
+product INTEL XEONSC_UBOX_1	0x2015	Xeon Scalable Ubox
+product INTEL XEONSC_UBOX_2	0x2016	Xeon Scalable Ubox
+product INTEL XEONSC_M2PCIR	0x2018	Xeon Scalable M2PCI
+product INTEL XEONSC_CBDMAR	0x2021	Xeon Scalable CBDMA
+product INTEL XEONSC_MMVTD	0x2024	Xeon Scalable MM/Vt-d
+product INTEL XEONSC_RAS	0x2025	Xeon Scalable RAS
+product INTEL XEONSC_IOAPIC	0x2026	Xeon Scalable I/O APIC
+product INTEL XEONSC_VTD	0x2034	Xeon Scalable VT-d
+product INTEL XEONSC_RAS_CFG	0x2035	Xeon Scalable RAS Configuration
+product INTEL XEONSC_IOAPIC_C	0x2036	Xeon Scalable IOxAPIC
+product INTEL XEONSC_IMC_1	0x2041	Xeon Scalable IMC
+product INTEL XEONSC_IMC_2	0x2042	Xeon Scalable IMC
+product INTEL XEONSC_IMC_3	0x2043  Xeon Scalable IMC
+product INTEL XEONSC_IMC_4	0x2044  Xeon Scalable IMC
+product INTEL XEONSC_LMC_1	0x2045  Xeon Scalable LM
+product INTEL XEONSC_LMSC_1	0x2046  Xeon Scalable LMS
+product INTEL XEONSC_LMDPC_1	0x2047  Xeon Scalable LMDP
+product INTEL XEONSC_DECSC_1	0x2048  Xeon Scalable DECS
+product INTEL XEONSC_LMC_2	0x2049  Xeon Scalable LM
+product INTEL XEONSC_LMSC_2	0x204a	Xeon Scalable LMS
+product INTEL XEONSC_LMDPC_2	0x204b	Xeon Scalable LMDP
+product INTEL XEONSC_M3KTI_1	0x204c	Xeon Scalable M3KTI
+product INTEL XEONSC_M3KTI_2	0x204d	Xeon Scalable M3KTI
+product INTEL XEONSC_CHA_1	0x2054	Xeon Scalable CHA
+product INTEL XEONSC_CHA_2	0x2055	Xeon Scalable CHA
+product INTEL XEONSC_CHA_3	0x2056	Xeon Scalable CHA
+product INTEL XEONSC_CHA_4	0x2057	Xeon Scalable CHA
+product INTEL XEONSC_KTI	0x2058	Xeon Scalable KTI
+product INTEL XEONSC_UPIR	0x2059	Xeon Scalable UPI
 product INTEL XEONSC_PCU_0	0x2080	Xeon Scalable PCU
-product INTEL XEONSC_PCU_1	0x2082	Xeon Scalable PCU
+product	INTEL XEONSC_PCU_1	0x2081  Xeon Scalable PCU
+product INTEL XEONSC_PCU_2	0x2082	Xeon Scalable PCU
+product INTEL XEONSC_CHA_5	0x208d	Xeon Scalable CHA
+product INTEL XEONSC_CHA_6	0x208e	Xeon Scalable CHA
 product INTEL BSW_HB		0x2280	Braswell Soc Transaction Router
 product INTEL BSW_HDA		0x2284	Braswell HD Audio
 product INTEL BSW_SIO_DMA_2	0x2286	Braswell SIO DMA
@@ -5645,6 +5749,41 @@ product INTEL EHL_GPU_32	0x4551	Elkhart 
 product INTEL EHL_DPTF		0x4503	Elkhart Lake DPTF
 product INTEL EHL_GNA		0x4511	Elkhart Lake GNA
 product INTEL EHL_TRACE_2	0x4529	Elkhart Lake Trace Hub (Compute Die)
+product INTEL ADL_PCIE_RP_0	0x460d	Alder Lake PCIe G5 Root Port 0 (x16)
+product INTEL ADL_XDCI		0x460e	Alder Lake USB-C Device (xDCI)
+product INTEL ADL_S_2_0_HOST	0x4610	Alder Lake (S,2+0) Host
+product INTEL ADL_DTT		0x461d	Alder Lake Dynamic Tuning Technology
+product INTEL ADL_XHCI		0x461e	Alder Lake USB-C Host (xHCI)
+product INTEL ADL_TBT_PCIE_3	0x461f	Alder Lake Thunderbolt PCIe 3
+product INTEL ADL_H_4_8_HOST	0x4621	Alder Lake (H,4+8) Host
+product INTEL ADL_H_4_4_HOST	0x4629	Alder Lake (H,4+4) Host
+product INTEL ADL_PCIE_RP_1	0x462d	Alder Lake PCIe G5 Root Port 1 (x8)
+product INTEL ADL_TBT_PCIE_2	0x462f	Alder Lake Thunderbolt PCIe 2
+product INTEL ADL_S_4_0_HOST	0x4630	Alder Lake (S,4+0) Host
+product INTEL ADL_PCIE_RP_3	0x463d	Alder Lake PCIe G4 Root Port 3 (x4)
+product INTEL ADL_TBTDMA_0	0x463e	Alder Lake Thunderbolt DMA 0
+product INTEL ADL_TBT_PCIE_1	0x463f	Alder Lake Thunderbolt PCIe 1
+product INTEL ADL_H_6_8_HOST	0x4641	Alder Lake (H,6+8) Host
+product INTEL ADL_S_6_4_HOST	0x4648	Alder Lake (S,6+4) Host
+product INTEL ADL_H_6_4_HOST	0x4649	Alder Lake (H,6+4) Host
+product INTEL ADL_PCIE_RP_2	0x464d	Alder Lake PCIe G4 Root Port 2 (x4)
+product INTEL ADL_GNA		0x464f	Alder Lake Gauss Newton Algorithm
+product INTEL ADL_S_6_0_HOST	0x4650	Alder Lake (S,6+0) Host
+product INTEL ADL_IPU		0x465d	Alder Lake Image Processing Unit
+product INTEL ADL_S_8_8_HOST	0x4660	Alder Lake (S,8+8) Host
+product INTEL ADL_S_8_4_HOST	0x4668	Alder Lake (S,8+4) Host
+product INTEL ADL_TBTDMA_1	0x466d	Alder Lake Thunderbolt DMA 1
+product INTEL ADL_TBT_PCIE_0	0x466e	Alder Lake Thunderbolt PCIe 0
+product INTEL ADL_TRACE		0x466f	Alder Lake Trace Hub (Compute Die?XXX)
+product INTEL ADL_CLSRAM	0x467d	Alder Lake Crash Log & Telemetry
+product INTEL ADL_VMD		0x467f	Alder Lake Volume Management Device
+product INTEL ADL_IGD_1		0x4680	Alder Lake Graphics (32EU)
+product INTEL ADL_IGD_2		0x4682	Alder Lake Graphics (24EU)
+product INTEL ADL_IGD_3		0x4690	Alder Lake Graphics (32EU)
+product INTEL ADL_IGD_4		0x4692	Alder Lake Graphics (24EU)
+product INTEL ADL_IGD_5		0x4693	Alder Lake Graphics (16EU)
+product INTEL ADL_IGD_6		0x46a6	Alder Lake Graphics
+product INTEL ADL_IGD_7		0x46a3	Alder Lake Graphics
 product INTEL EHL_ESPI		0x4b00	Elkhart Lake eSPI
 product INTEL EHL_P2SB		0x4b20	Elkhart Lake P2SB
 product INTEL EHL_PMC		0x4b21	Elkhart Lake PMC
@@ -6030,6 +6169,69 @@ product INTEL 82443GX		0x71a0	82443GX Ho
 product INTEL 82443GX_AGP	0x71a1	82443GX AGP Interface
 product INTEL 82443GX_NOAGP	0x71a2	82443GX Host Bridge/Controller (AGP disabled)
 product INTEL I740		0x7800	i740 Graphics Accelerator
+product INTEL 6HS_Z690_ESPI	0x7a84	Z690 eSPI
+product INTEL 6HS_H670_ESPI	0x7a85	H670 eSPI
+product INTEL 6HS_B660_ESPI	0x7a86	B660 eSPI
+product INTEL 6HS_H610_ESPI	0x7a87	H610 eSPI
+product INTEL 6HS_H_P2SB	0x7aa0	600 Series PCH-H P2SB
+product INTEL 6HS_H_PMC		0x7aa1	600 Series PCH-H PMC
+product INTEL 6HS_H_SMB		0x7aa3	600 Series PCH-H SMBus
+product INTEL 6HS_H_SPI		0x7aa4	600 Series PCH-H SPI (FLASH)
+product INTEL 6HS_H_TRACE	0x7aa6	600 Series PCH-H Trace Hub
+product INTEL 6HS_H_SSRAM	0x7aa7	600 Series PCH-H Shared SRAM
+product INTEL 6HS_H_UART_0	0x7aa8	600 Series PCH-H UART 0
+product INTEL 6HS_H_UART_1	0x7aa9	600 Series PCH-H UART 1
+product INTEL 6HS_H_GSPI_0	0x7aaa	600 Series PCH-H GSPI 0
+product INTEL 6HS_H_GSPI_1	0x7aab	600 Series PCH-H GSPI 1
+product INTEL 6HS_H_PCIE_9	0x7ab0	600 Series PCH-H PCIe RP 9
+product INTEL 6HS_H_PCIE_10	0x7ab1	600 Series PCH-H PCIe RP 10
+product INTEL 6HS_H_PCIE_11	0x7ab2	600 Series PCH-H PCIe RP 11
+product INTEL 6HS_H_PCIE_12	0x7ab3	600 Series PCH-H PCIe RP 12
+product INTEL 6HS_H_PCIE_13	0x7ab4	600 Series PCH-H PCIe RP 13
+product INTEL 6HS_H_PCIE_14	0x7ab5	600 Series PCH-H PCIe RP 14
+product INTEL 6HS_H_PCIE_15	0x7ab6	600 Series PCH-H PCIe RP 15
+product INTEL 6HS_H_PCIE_16	0x7ab7	600 Series PCH-H PCIe RP 16
+product INTEL 6HS_H_PCIE_1	0x7ab8	600 Series PCH-H PCIe RP 1
+product INTEL 6HS_H_PCIE_2	0x7ab9	600 Series PCH-H PCIe RP 2
+product INTEL 6HS_H_PCIE_3	0x7aba	600 Series PCH-H PCIe RP 3
+product INTEL 6HS_H_PCIE_4	0x7abb	600 Series PCH-H PCIe RP 4
+product INTEL 6HS_H_PCIE_5	0x7abc	600 Series PCH-H PCIe RP 5
+product INTEL 6HS_H_PCIE_6	0x7abd	600 Series PCH-H PCIe RP 6
+product INTEL 6HS_H_PCIE_7	0x7abe	600 Series PCH-H PCIe RP 7
+product INTEL 6HS_H_PCIE_8	0x7abf	600 Series PCH-H PCIe RP 8
+product INTEL 6HS_H_PCIE_17	0x7ac0	600 Series PCH-H PCIe RP 17
+product INTEL 6HS_H_PCIE_18	0x7ac1	600 Series PCH-H PCIe RP 18
+product INTEL 6HS_H_PCIE_19	0x7ac2	600 Series PCH-H PCIe RP 19
+product INTEL 6HS_H_PCIE_20	0x7ac3	600 Series PCH-H PCIe RP 20
+product INTEL 6HS_H_PCIE_21	0x7ac4	600 Series PCH-H PCIe RP 21
+product INTEL 6HS_H_PCIE_22	0x7ac5	600 Series PCH-H PCIe RP 22
+product INTEL 6HS_H_PCIE_23	0x7ac6	600 Series PCH-H PCIe RP 23
+product INTEL 6HS_H_PCIE_24	0x7ac7	600 Series PCH-H PCIe RP 24
+product INTEL 6HS_H_PCIE_25	0x7ac8	600 Series PCH-H PCIe RP 25
+product INTEL 6HS_H_PCIE_26	0x7ac9	600 Series PCH-H PCIe RP 26
+product INTEL 6HS_H_PCIE_27	0x7aca	600 Series PCH-H PCIe RP 27
+product INTEL 6HS_H_PCIE_28	0x7acb	600 Series PCH-H PCIe RP 28
+product INTEL 6HS_H_I2C_0	0x7acc	600 Series PCH-H I2C 0
+product INTEL 6HS_H_I2C_1	0x7acd	600 Series PCH-H I2C 1
+product INTEL 6HS_H_I2C_2	0x7ace	600 Series PCH-H I2C 2
+product INTEL 6HS_H_I2C_3	0x7acf	600 Series PCH-H I2C 3
+product INTEL 6HS_H_HDA		0x7ad0	600 Series PCH-H HD Audio
+product INTEL 6HS_H_UART_3	0x7adc	600 Series PCH-H UART 3
+product INTEL 6HS_H_XHCI	0x7ae0	600 Series PCH-H USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 xHCI
+product INTEL 6HS_H_XDCI	0x7ae1	600 Series PCH-H USB 3.2 Gen 1x1 xDCI
+product INTEL 6HS_H_D_AHCI	0x7ae2	600 Series PCH-H SATA (AHCI)
+product INTEL 6HS_H_HECI_1	0x7ae8	600 Series PCH-H HECI 1
+product INTEL 6HS_H_HECI_2	0x7ae9	600 Series PCH-H HECI 2
+product INTEL 6HS_H_IDER	0x7aea	600 Series PCH-H IDE-R
+product INTEL 6HS_H_KT		0x7aeb	600 Series PCH-H KT
+product INTEL 6HS_H_HECI_3	0x7aec	600 Series PCH-H HECI 3
+product INTEL 6HS_H_HECI_4	0x7aed	600 Series PCH-H HECI 4
+product INTEL 6HS_H_ISH		0x7af8	600 Series PCH-H Integrated Sensor Hub
+product INTEL 6HS_H_GSPI_3	0x7af9	600 Series PCH-H GSPI 3
+product INTEL 6HS_H_GSPI_2	0x7afb	600 Series PCH-H GSPI 2
+product INTEL 6HS_H_I2C_4	0x7afc	600 Series PCH-H I2C 4
+product INTEL 6HS_H_I2C_5	0x7afd	600 Series PCH-H I2C 5
+product INTEL 6HS_H_UART_2	0x7afe	600 Series PCH-H UART 2
 product INTEL SCH_IDE		0x811a  SCH IDE Controller
 product INTEL E600_HDA		0x811b	E600 HD Audio
 product INTEL E600_PCIB_0	0x8180	E600 Virtual PCI-PCI Bridge
@@ -7227,6 +7429,8 @@ product SYMBIOS 1030ZC			0x0031	53c1030Z
 product SYMBIOS 1035			0x0040	53c1035
 product SYMBIOS 1035ZC			0x0041	53c1035ZC
 product SYMBIOS SAS1064			0x0050	SAS1064
+product SYMBIOS MEGARAID_32XX_1		0x0052	MegaRAID SAS3216/3224
+product SYMBIOS MEGARAID_32XX_2		0x0053	MegaRAID SAS3216/3224
 product SYMBIOS SAS1068			0x0054	SAS1068
 product SYMBIOS SAS1068_2		0x0055	SAS1068
 product SYMBIOS SAS1064E		0x0056	SAS1064E
@@ -7286,6 +7490,8 @@ product	SYMBIOS	SAS3324_7		0x00c6	SAS332
 product	SYMBIOS	SAS3324_8		0x00c7	SAS3324
 product	SYMBIOS	SAS3324_9		0x00c8	SAS3324
 product	SYMBIOS	SAS3324_10		0x00c9	SAS3324
+product	SYMBIOS	MEGARAID_3316		0x00ce	SAS3316
+product	SYMBIOS	MEGARAID_3324		0x00cf	SAS3324
 product SYMBIOS MEGARAID_320X		0x0407	LSI Megaraid SCSI 320-X
 product SYMBIOS MEGARAID_320E		0x0408	LSI Megaraid SCSI 320-E
 product SYMBIOS MEGARAID_300X		0x0409	LSI Megaraid SATA (300-6X/300-8X)
@@ -7303,6 +7509,14 @@ product SYMBIOS FC949X			0x0640	FC949X
 product SYMBIOS FC939X			0x0642	FC939X
 product SYMBIOS FC949E			0x0646	FC949E
 product SYMBIOS 1030R			0x1030	53c1030R
+product SYMBIOS MEGARAID_39XX_1		0x10e0	MegaRAID Unsupported SAS39xx
+product SYMBIOS MEGARAID_39XX_2		0x10e1	MegaRAID SAS39xx
+product SYMBIOS MEGARAID_39XX_3		0x10e2	MegaRAID Secure SAS39xx
+product SYMBIOS MEGARAID_39XX_4		0x10e3	MegaRAID Unsupported SAS39xx
+product SYMBIOS MEGARAID_38XX_1		0x10e4	MegaRAID Unsupported SAS38xx
+product SYMBIOS MEGARAID_38XX_2		0x10e5	MegaRAID SAS38xx
+product SYMBIOS MEGARAID_38XX_3		0x10e6	MegaRAID Secure SAS38xx
+product SYMBIOS MEGARAID_38XX_4		0x10e7	MegaRAID Unsupported SAS38xx
 product SYMBIOS PERC_4SC		0x1960	PERC 4/SC
 /* Packet Engines products */
@@ -9391,6 +9605,8 @@ product VMWARE VMPCIB	0x0790	Virtual PCI
 product VMWARE VMPCIE	0x07a0	Virtual PCI Express Root Port
 product VMWARE VMXNET3	0x07b0	Virtual Network 3
 product VMWARE PVSCSI	0x07c0	PVSCSI
+product VMWARE AHCI	0x07e0	AHCI
+product VMWARE NVME	0x07f0	NVMe
 product VMWARE VMI3	0x0801	VMI option ROM
 /* Weitek products */

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