Module Name:    src
Committed By:   christos
Date:           Wed Mar 25 21:24:08 UTC 2020

Modified Files:
        src/lib/libcrypt: pw_gensalt.3

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cvs rdiff -u -r1.4 -r1.5 src/lib/libcrypt/pw_gensalt.3

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Index: src/lib/libcrypt/pw_gensalt.3
diff -u src/lib/libcrypt/pw_gensalt.3:1.4 src/lib/libcrypt/pw_gensalt.3:1.5
--- src/lib/libcrypt/pw_gensalt.3:1.4	Wed Mar 25 17:02:26 2020
+++ src/lib/libcrypt/pw_gensalt.3	Wed Mar 25 17:24:08 2020
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-.\"	$NetBSD: pw_gensalt.3,v 1.4 2020/03/25 21:02:26 christos Exp $
+.\"	$NetBSD: pw_gensalt.3,v 1.5 2020/03/25 21:24:08 christos Exp $
 .\" Copyright (c) 2020 The NetBSD Foundation, Inc.
 .\" All rights reserved.
@@ -56,13 +56,20 @@ using the hash function specified in
 with the function-specific
 .Ar option .
-The new salt types follow the MCF standard and are of the form:
+The new salt types follow the 
+.Dq Modular Crypt Format
+(MCF) standard and are of the form:
+.Bd -literal -offset indent
 .Li $<id>[$<param>=<value>(,<param>=<value>)*][$<salt>[$<hash>]]
 The characters allowed in the password salt are alphanumeric and
-include a forward slash and a period.
+include a forward slash and a period (are in the regular expression
+.Li [A-Za-z0-9/.] ) .
 The following types are available:
-.Bl -tag -width blowfish -compact
+.Bl -tag -width blowfish -offset indent
 .It old
 The original Unix implementation.
 This is of the form
@@ -117,7 +124,7 @@ A salt generated using the
 .Sq blowfish
 The minimum salt size is
-.Dv 31
+.Dv 30
 and the number of rounds needs to be specified in
 .Ar option .
 This is of the form:
@@ -157,3 +164,8 @@ The
 .Fn pw_gensalt
 function was written in 1997 by
 .An Niels Provos Aq Mt .
+.Lk "Modular Crypt Format (MCF)" .
+.Lk "Password Hashing Competition (PHC) format" .

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