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Date:           Fri Sep 16 15:02:23 UTC 2016

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        src/doc/roadmaps: storage

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volunteer for the ext3/ext4 also

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-$NetBSD: storage,v 1.16 2016/09/16 14:55:28 jdolecek Exp $
+$NetBSD: storage,v 1.17 2016/09/16 15:02:23 jdolecek Exp $
 NetBSD Storage Roadmap
@@ -320,10 +320,15 @@ or less work than doing an implementatio
 Note however that implementing ext3 has already defeated several
 people; this is a harder project than it looks.
- - As of May 2016 there is a GSoC project to implement read-only ext4
-   support, but (it not being summer yet) no particular progress.
+ - GSoc 2016 brought support for extents, and also ro support for dir
+   hashes; jdolecek also implemented several frequently used ext4 features
+   so most contemporary ext filesystems should be possible to mount
+   read-write
+ - still need rw dir_nhash and xattr (semi-easy), and eventually journalling
+   (hard)
  - There is no clear timeframe or release target.
- - Contact ?? for further information.
+ - jdolecek is working on improving ext3/ext4 support (particularily
+   journalling) 
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