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Module name:    src
Changes by:        2018/08/11 05:16:43

Modified files:
        sys/arch/arm64/dev: agintc.c 

Log message:
Fix a couple of bugs in the ITS support code:

- Don't dereference sc_prop if we're not handling an LPI.  Fixes a crash
on qemu when emulating a GICv3 without ITS (and therefore no LPIs(.

- Use the true IPL when calculating the priority of an LPI.  The old
code used a variable that still had the IPL_MPSAFE flag in it.

- Write to the right GITS_BASERn instead of ialways writing to GITS_BASER0.

- Flush the cache after initializing/modifying the in-memory tables.  The
GICv3 on the SynQuacer isn't fully coherent and only supports the
"non-shareable" attribute for its in-memory tables.  So we have to flush
the cache to the point of coherency to guarentee that the GIC sees our
changes to those tables.  Throw in a full memory barrier for good measure.

Also add support for the SynQuacer pre-ITS.

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