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Module name:    xenocara
Changes by:        2019/08/15 06:11:37

Modified files:
        app            : Makefile 
        distrib/sets/lists/xbase: mi 
        distrib/sets/lists/xshare: mi 
Removed files:
        app/xman       : COPYING ChangeLog INSTALL 
                         Makefile.bsd-wrapper README 
                         ScrollByL.c ScrollByL.h ScrollByLP.h aclocal.m4 
                         buttons.c compile config.guess 
                         config.sub configure defs.h 
                         depcomp globals.c globals.h handler.c help.c 
                         icon_help.h icon_open.h iconclosed.h install-sh 
                         main.c man.c man.h misc.c missing search.c 
                         tkfuncs.c vendor.c vendor.h 
        app/xman/app-defaults: Xman 
        app/xman/man   : 

Log message:
Retire xman(1).

It's totally broken (requires MLINKS which we removed long ago,
relies on the old man.conf(5) format we stopped supporting long ago,
Alfred Morgan reported additional bugs on bugs@, ...),
it reimplements man(1) in a very poor way,
and it lacks many useful features that man(1) in an xterm(1)
readily provides, so fixing it would be a waste of time.

matthieu@ deraadt@ krw@ agree with the direction.

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