CVSROOT:        /cvs
Module name:    xenocara
Changes by:   2023/01/17 09:31:20

Modified files:
        lib/libXpm     : Tag: OPENBSD_7_2 
        lib/libXpm/cxpm: Tag: OPENBSD_7_2 
        lib/libXpm/doc : Tag: OPENBSD_7_2 
        lib/libXpm/include: Tag: OPENBSD_7_2 
        lib/libXpm/man : Tag: OPENBSD_7_2 
        lib/libXpm/src : Tag: OPENBSD_7_2 RdFToI.c WrFFrI.c 
                         create.c data.c parse.c 
        lib/libXpm/sxpm: Tag: OPENBSD_7_2 

Log message:
Fix several issues in libXpm :
CVE-2022-46285: Infinite loop on unclosed comments
CVE-2022-44617: Runaway loop on width of 0 and enormous height
CVE-2022-4883: compression commands depend on $PATH

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this is errata/7.2/014_libxpm.patch.sig

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