CVSROOT:        /cvs
Module name:    xenocara
Changes by:    2023/01/30 20:29:36

Modified files:
        lib/mesa/mk/libEGL: Makefile 
        lib/mesa/mk/libGLESv1_CM: Makefile 
        lib/mesa/mk/libGLESv2: Makefile 
        lib/mesa/mk/libOSMesa: Makefile 
        lib/mesa/mk/libgallium_dri: Makefile 
        lib/mesa/mk/libgbm: Makefile 
        lib/mesa/mk/libglapi: Makefile 
        lib/mesa/mk/libvulkan_intel: Makefile 
        lib/mesa/mk/libvulkan_intel_hasvk: Makefile 

Log message:
link against libpthread where libmesa_util_c11 is used

OpenBSD doesn't have c11 threads.h functions.  Instead Mesa's
replacements are used.

fixes build of graphics/piglit reported by naddy@

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