CVSROOT:        /cvs
Module name:    src
Changes by:  2016/09/16 13:13:17

Modified files:
        sys/arch/amd64/amd64: db_trace.c 
        sys/conf       : GENERIC files 
        sys/ddb        : db_elf.c db_extern.h 
Added files:
        sys/ddb        : db_ctf.c db_ctf.h db_elf.h 

Log message:
teach ddb(4) about CTF. currently it only loads the CTF and uses it on amd64
to lookup the number of function parameters. however having this basic
facility allows us to expand it's usage.

currently hidden behind the (disabled) DDBCTF kernel option as some of the
required tools are not available in base yet. in addition to that one
also needs recent bootblocks that load the .SUNW_ctf kernel section.

discussed with mpi@ over many a cider and ale in cambridge
feedback and ok guenther@ mpi@

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