On 2016 Sep 17 (Sat) at 01:35:05 -0600 (-0600), Peter Hessler wrote:
:CVSROOT:       /cvs
:Module name:   src
:Changes by:    phess...@cvs.openbsd.org        2016/09/17 01:35:05
:Modified files:
:       sys/net        : bfd.c bfd.h route.c rtsock.c 
:Log message:

typo on the command line lost the log message, should read:

Massive mechanical diff to rename structures and variables.  structure
members need to have a prefx, and names can imply things that are not
true in this case.

 bfd_state -> bfd_neighbor
 bfd_softc -> bfd_config
 bfd_rtalloc() -> bfdset()
 bfd_rtfree() -> bfdclear()

OK mpi@

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