CVSROOT:        /cvs
Module name:    src
Changes by: 2016/09/17 09:03:40

Modified files:
        distrib/amd64/common: list 
        distrib/amd64/ramdisk_cd: list.local 
        distrib/armv7/ramdisk: list 
        distrib/hppa   : list 
        distrib/i386/common: list 
        distrib/i386/ramdisk_cd: list.local 
        distrib/landisk/ramdisk: list 
        distrib/loongson/ramdisk: list 
        distrib/luna88k/ramdisk: list 
        distrib/macppc/ramdisk: list 
        distrib/miniroot: list 
        distrib/octeon/ramdisk: list 
        distrib/ramdisk: list 
        distrib/sgi/ramdisk: list 
        distrib/socppc/ramdisk: list 
        distrib/sparc64/bsd.rd: list 
        distrib/sparc64/ramdisk: list 
        distrib/sparc64/ramdiskB: list 
        distrib/special: Makefile 
        sbin/ping      : Makefile 
        sbin/ping6     : Makefile 
        usr.bin/bgplg  : Makefile 
        usr.bin/bgplg/ping: Makefile 
Removed files:
        distrib/special/ping6: Makefile 

Log message:
ping6(8) is now a hardlink to ping(8).
The instbin stuff looks good to deraadt@

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