CVSROOT:        /cvs
Module name:    src
Changes by:        2016/09/18 17:56:45

Modified files:
        sys/dev/acpi   : acpi.c acpicpu.c 

Log message:
If the APIC table (MADT) isn't present then ci_acpi_proc_id won't be set
when acpicpu tries to attach, leading to a NULL dereference.  The ACPI
processor object on the Dells where this was reported is bogus and useless
anyway so apply the same test when deciding whether to attach to processor
objects as acpicpu would when matching them to cpus.

Problem reported by Eivind Eide (xenofil (at) and
Johan Huldtgren (johan+openbsd-bugs (at)
Testing by Eivind Eide.
ok kettenis@ mlarkin@

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