CVSROOT:        /cvs
Module name:    src
Changes by:   2016/09/19 11:46:53

Modified files:
        sbin/bioctl    : bioctl.c 

Log message:
Switch softraid crypto from PKCS5 PBKDF2 to bcrypt PBKDF.

New volumes will be created with bcrypt PBKDF, however existing volumes
will continue to use PKCS5 PBKDF2 until a passphrase change is made.

If you're booting from softraid crypto, ensure that your boot loader has
been upgraded to a version that supports bcrypt prior to changing your
passphrase. Also be aware that once the passphrase has been changed, an
older version of bioctl(8) (one that does not support bcrypt PBKDF) will
not be able to "unlock" the volume.

Partly based on a diff from djm@.

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