CVSROOT:        /cvs
Module name:    src
Changes by:        2016/09/20 22:38:57

Modified files:
        lib/libc/db/hash: hash.c 
        lib/libc/db/recno: rec_close.c rec_open.c 
        lib/libc/gdtoa : misc.c 
        lib/libc/gen   : fts.c getcap.c nlist.c opendir.c 
        lib/libc/gmon  : gmon.c 
        lib/libc/net   : ethers.c freeaddrinfo.c inet_ntop.c rthdr.c 
        lib/libc/nls   : catopen.c 
        lib/libc/regex : engine.c regcomp.c 
        lib/libc/rpc   : xdr_rec.c 
        lib/libc/stdio : fgetln.c fgets.c fopen.c fread.c freopen.c 
                         fsetpos.c fvwrite.c getdelim.c getw.c 
                         setbuffer.c setvbuf.c stdio.c ungetc.c 
        lib/libc/stdlib: malloc.c setenv.c 
        lib/libc/time  : strftime.c 
        lib/libc/hash  : helper.c 

Log message:
Delete casts to off_t and size_t that are implied by assignments
or prototypes.  Ditto for some of the char* and void* casts too.

verified no change to instructions on ILP32 (i386) and LP64 (amd64)
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