CVSROOT:        /cvs
Module name:    src
Changes by:    2016/10/11 01:23:34

Modified files:
        usr.bin/tmux   : cmd-bind-key.c cmd-command-prompt.c 
                         cmd-list-keys.c cmd-send-keys.c key-bindings.c 
                         mode-key.c server-client.c status.c tmux.1 
                         tmux.h window-choose.c window-clock.c 
                         window-copy.c window.c 

Log message:
Fundamental change to how copy mode key bindings work:

The vi-copy and emacs-copy mode key tables are gone, and instead copy
mode commands are bound in one of two normal key tables ("copy-mode" or
"copy-mode-vi"). Keys are bound to "send-keys -X copy-mode-command". So:

bind -temacs-copy C-Up scroll-up
bind -temacs-copy -R5 WheelUpPane scroll-up


bind -Tcopy-mode C-Up send -X scroll-up
bind -Tcopy-mode WheelUpPane send -N5 -X scroll-up

This allows the full command parser and command set to be used - for
example, we can use the normal command prompt for searching, jumping,
and so on instead of a custom one:

bind -Tcopy-mode C-r command-prompt -p'search up' "send -X search-backward '%%'"

command-prompt also gets a -1 option to only require on key press, which
is needed for jumping.

The plan is to get rid of mode keys entirely, so more to come eventually.

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