CVSROOT:        /cvs
Module name:    src
Changes by:    2016/10/13 16:48:51

Modified files:
        usr.bin/tmux   : cmd-display-message.c cmd-if-shell.c 
                         cmd-join-pane.c cmd-new-session.c 
                         cmd-new-window.c cmd-queue.c cmd-source-file.c 
                         cmd-split-window.c cmd-swap-pane.c 
                         cmd-swap-window.c hooks.c tmux.1 tmux.h 

Log message:
Trying to do hooks generically is way too complicated and unreliable and
confusing, particularly trying to automatically figure out what target
hooks should be using. So simplify it:

- drop before hooks entirely, they don't seem to be very useful;

- commands with special requirements now fire their own after hook (for
example, if they change session or window, or if they have -t and -s
and need to choose which one the hook uses as current target);

- commands with no special requirements can have the CMD_AFTERHOOK flag
added and they will use the -t state.

At the moment new-session, new-window, split-window fire their own hook,
and display-message uses the flag. The remaining commands still need to
be looked at.

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