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Module name:    www
Changes by:    2016/10/16 13:11:30

Modified files:
        .              : 26.html 27.html 28.html 29.html 30.html 31.html 
                         32.html 38.html 39.html 43.html 52.html 55.html 
                         56.html 57.html 58.html 59.html 60.html 
                         alpha.html amd64.html announce28.html 
                         armish.html armv7.html aviion.html crypto.html 
                         donations.html errata21.html errata22.html 
                         errata23.html errata24.html errata25.html 
                         errata26.html errata27.html errata28.html 
                         errata29.html errata30.html errata31.html 
                         errata32.html errata33.html errata34.html 
                         errata35.html errata36.html errata37.html 
                         errata38.html errata39.html errata40.html 
                         errata41.html errata42.html errata43.html 
                         errata44.html errata45.html errata46.html 
                         errata47.html errata48.html errata49.html 
                         errata50.html errata51.html errata52.html 
                         errata53.html errata54.html errata55.html 
                         errata56.html errata57.html errata58.html 
                         errata59.html errata60.html hp300.html 
                         hppa.html i386.html index.html innovations.html 
                         landisk.html loongson.html luna88k.html 
                         lyrics.html macppc.html mvme68k.html 
                         mvme88k.html octeon.html plus23.html 
                         plus27.html plus29.html plus32.html sgi.html 
                         socppc.html sparc.html sparc64.html 
                         tshirts.html vax.html zaurus.html 
        faq            : faq15.html upgrade53.html upgrade55.html 
        faq/ports      : guide.html 
        libressl       : index.html releases.html signing.html 
        opensmtpd      : security.html 
        openssh        : features.html goals.html openbsd.html 

Log message:
Switch a few links to, and
to https now that the certificates are fully supported. Only fully
qualified links are modified and none that are generated from build/. While
there, fix a few broken links that were found during the conversion.

requested by tj, "yes, but carefully" beck

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