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Module name:    src
Changes by:        2016/10/17 11:44:47

Modified files:
        bin/ksh        : main.c vi.c 

Log message:
No need to inspect LC_CTYPE:
* It was only used in vi input mode.
* No functional change in case of set -o vi-show8.
* No functional change if LC_CTYPE is set to UTF-8.
* More robust for the default of LC_CTYPE=C on a UTF-8 xterm.

Behaviour changes for the combination LC_CTYPE=C with set +o vi-show8
on non-UTF-8 terminals, but that combination is useless and dangerous
with or without this patch.  If you want to edit individual raw non-ASCII
non-UTF-8 bytes on the shell command line, always use set -o vi-show8.
(Besides, i doubt that you actually want to do that; better use a real
hex editor in the first place.)

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