CVSROOT:        /cvs
Module name:    src
Changes by: 2016/12/17 16:38:33

Added files:
        sys/arch/arm64 : Makefile 
        sys/arch/arm64/arm64: arm64_a4x_iobus.c arm64_iobus.c 
                              arm64_machdep.h arm64_mutex.c arm64var.h 
                              ast.c autoconf.c bus_dma.c conf.c copy.S 
                              copystr.S cpuswitch.S db_disasm.c 
                              db_interface.c db_trace.c disksubr.c 
                              exception.S intr.c locore.S 
                              machdep.c mem.c pmap.c process_machdep.c 
                              sig_machdep.c softintr.c support.S 
                              sys_machdep.c syscall.c trap.c vfp.c 
        sys/arch/arm64/compile: Makefile 
        sys/arch/arm64/compile/GENERIC: Makefile 
        sys/arch/arm64/compile/RAMDISK: Makefile 
        sys/arch/arm64/conf: GENERIC Makefile.arm64 files.arm64 
        sys/arch/arm64/dev: agtimer.c ampintc.c arm64_bus_space.c 
                            com_fdt.c mainbus.c mainbus.h pluart.c 
                            simplebus.c simplebusvar.h virtio_mmio.c 
        sys/arch/arm64/include: _float.h _types.h apmvar.h armreg.h 
                                asm.h atomic.h bootconfig.h bus.h 
                                cdefs.h conf.h cpu.h db_machdep.h 
                                disklabel.h endian.h exec.h fdt.h fenv.h 
                                float.h frame.h hypervisor.h ieee.h 
                                ieeefp.h internal_types.h intr.h kcore.h 
                                limits.h loadfile_machdep.h lock.h 
                                machdep.h machine_reg.h mplock.h mutex.h 
                                param.h pcb.h pmap.h proc.h profile.h 
                                pte.h ptrace.h reg.h reloc.h setjmp.h 
                                signal.h softintr.h spinlock.h stdarg.h 
                                swi.h sysarch.h tcb.h trap.h vfp.h 
        sys/arch/arm64/stand: Makefile 
        sys/arch/arm64/stand/efiboot: Makefile conf.c disk.h efiboot.c 
                                      efiboot.h eficall.h efidev.c 
                                      efidev.h exec.c fdt.c fdt.h heap.h 
                                      ldscript.arm64 libsa.h 
                                      self_reloc.c start.S 

Log message:
Import of OpenBSD/arm64

This commit contains all the kernel files related to the OpenBSD/arm64
port.  It is based on the PowerPC pmap, loongson, arm/armv7 code and
FreeBSD aarch64 code.  Hard work done by Dale Rahn.

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