CVSROOT:        /cvs
Module name:    src
Changes by: 2018/02/09 22:24:23

Modified files:
        sys/dev/acpi   : acpi.c 
        sys/isofs/cd9660: cd9660_extern.h cd9660_vfsops.c 
        sys/isofs/udf  : udf_extern.h udf_vfsops.c 
        sys/kern       : vfs_subr.c vfs_sync.c vfs_syscalls.c vfs_vops.c 
        sys/miscfs/fuse: fuse_vfsops.c 
        sys/msdosfs    : msdosfs_vfsops.c msdosfsmount.h 
        sys/nfs        : nfs_vfsops.c 
        sys/ntfs       : ntfs_vfsops.c 
        sys/sys        : file.h mount.h vnode.h 
        sys/ufs/ext2fs : ext2fs_extern.h ext2fs_vfsops.c 
        sys/ufs/ffs    : ffs_extern.h ffs_softdep.c ffs_vfsops.c 

Log message:
Syncronize filesystems to disk when suspending.  Each mountpoint's vnodes
are pushed to disk.  Dangling vnodes (unlinked files still in use) and
vnodes undergoing change by long-running syscalls are identified -- and
such filesystems are marked dirty on-disk while we are suspended (in case
power is lost, a fsck will be required).  Filesystems without dangling or
busy vnodes are marked clean, resulting in faster boots following
"battery died" circumstances.
Tested by numerous developers, thanks for the feedback.

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