CVSROOT:        /cvs
Module name:    src
Changes by:    2018/02/12 08:22:52

Modified files:
        regress/sbin/route: rttest1.ok rttest10.ok rttest11.ok 
                            rttest12.ok rttest15.ok rttest17.ok 
                            rttest18.ok rttest19.ok rttest2.ok 
                            rttest21.ok rttest22.ok rttest24.ok 
                            rttest26.ok rttest27.ok rttest3.ok 
                            rttest30.ok rttest31.ok rttest32.ok 
                            rttest4.ok rttest5.ok rttest6.ok rttest7.ok 
                            rttest8.ok rttest9.ok 

Log message:
Revert previous, the changed has been backed out and I wasn't running
the last snaphot.

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