CVSROOT:        /cvs
Module name:    src
Changes by: 2018/04/14 13:08:03

Modified files:
        gnu/usr.bin/perl: Tag: OPENBSD_6_1 pp_pack.c regcomp.c regexec.c 
        gnu/usr.bin/perl/t/lib/warnings: Tag: OPENBSD_6_1 regexec 
        gnu/usr.bin/perl/t/op: Tag: OPENBSD_6_1 pack.t 

Log message:
Correct heap overflow bugs in perl

OpenBSD 6.1 errata 039

* RT #131844: [CVE-2018-6913] heap-buffer-overflow in S_pack_rec

Reported by GwanYeong Kim, fixed by Tony Cook.

* RT #132063: [CVE-2018-6798] Heap-buffer-overflow in
Perl__byte_dump_string (utf8.c)

Reported by Nguyen Duc Manh, fixed by Karl Williamson, Yves Orton, and
Tony Cook.

* RT #132227: [CVE-2018-6797] heap-buffer-overflow (WRITE of size 1) in
S_regatom (regcomp.c)

Reported by Brian Carpenter, fixed by Yves Orton, Karl Williamson, and
Tony Cook.

Many thanks to deraadt@ tj@ bluhm@ tb@ robert@

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