CVSROOT:        /cvs
Module name:    src
Changes by: 2018/05/16 02:20:00

Modified files:
        sys/dev/ic     : bwfm.c bwfmvar.h 
        sys/dev/pci    : if_bwfm_pci.c 
        sys/dev/sdmmc  : if_bwfm_sdio.c 
        sys/dev/usb    : if_bwfm_usb.c 

Log message:
Implement a BCDC control packet mechanism based on the command request
ids.  So far we were only able to have one command in flight at a time
and race conditions could easily lead to unexpected behaviour, especia-
lly combined with a slow bus and timeouts.  With this rework we send or
enqueue a control packet command and wait for replies to happen.  Thus
we can have multiple control packets in flight and a reply with the
correct id will wake us up.

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