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Module name:    www
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        .              : 26.html 27.html 28.html 29.html 30.html 31.html 
                         32.html 33.html 34.html 35.html 36.html 37.html 
                         38.html 39.html 40.html 41.html 42.html 43.html 
                         44.html 45.html 46.html 47.html 48.html 49.html 
                         50.html 51.html 52.html 53.html 54.html 55.html 
                         56.html 57.html 58.html 59.html 60.html 
                         index.html lyrics.html tshirts.html 
        faq            : faq1.html 
        openbgpd       : index.html 
        opencvs        : index.html 
        openntpd       : index.html 
        opensmtpd      : index.html 

Log message:
remove openbsdstore links until their website issues can be resolved.
ok deraadt

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