CVSROOT:        /cvs
Module name:    src
Changes by:        2018/07/11 14:18:09

Modified files:
        sbin/ifconfig  : ifconfig.8 ifconfig.c 
        sys/net80211   : ieee80211_ioctl.c ieee80211_ioctl.h 
                         ieee80211_node.c ieee80211_node.h 

Log message:
Introduce 'auto-join' to the wifi 802.11 stack.

This allows a system to remember which ESSIDs it wants to connect to, any
relevant security configuration, and switch to it when the network we are
currently connected to is no longer available.

Works when connecting and switching between WPA2/WPA1/WEP/clear encryptions.

example hostname.if:
join home wpakey password
join work wpakey mekmitasdigoat
join open-lounge
join cafe wpakey cafe2018
join "wepnetwork" nwkey "12345"
inet6 autoconf

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