Breaking News: Fighting Erupted Between UNMISS Police and IDPs Watch Groups
At Tongpiny Site
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[image: Victim in PoCs-Tongpiny]

A Victim in PoCs-Tongpiny

*September 15, 2016(Nyamilepedia) ——*A serious fighting between UNMISS
Police and IDPs Watch Groups at Tongpiny Site broke out today as early as
8:30 am as the result of demolishing the IDPs houses by the UNMISS police
force, an eye who identified himself as Simon Ngut Kun inside Tongpiny camp
has informed Nyamilepedia news desk.

The head of UNMISS police force guarding the PoCs Tongpiny site ordered the
demolishing of IDPs house without informing them, forces N4, a community
watch group inside the camp to clash with UNMISS police. N4 is the
vigilante group consisting of four sections of Nuer (western Nuer, Lou
Nuer, eastern Jikany Nuer, and Gawar and Lak Nuer). N4 was formed by the
IDPs to solve the problems that arise among the IDPs, it intervenes by
solving problems through Nuer customary laws which yielded fruitful results.

The order by the UNMISS police’s head to demolish houses for unspecified
reasons didn’t go down well with the community, resulting into violence in
which a number of women and children were seriously injured.

James Zoal Pekhoa, new chairman of IDPs at PoCs Tongpiny, has written to
the head of UN Police addressing the concerns of the community and the way
forward. He says women have been sexually harassed by UN police at the gate
for check in.

“The IDPs, especially women are not happy with the way warrior security
personnel are treating them at the gate. Their dignity and integrity have
been abused. Warriors checked them up to their private parts. This is an
abuse and we request that it has to be stopped. A shelter should be
established where women are privately checked, not to be checked in front
of their children in open air,” reads part of James Zoal’s letter sent to

He also assured the UN police that he is committed, as new IDPs chair,
contain thievery by instructing N4 to be more vigilant. Zoal thanks UNMISS
and Human Rights agencies for protecting the IDPs since the war started in

“On behalf of IDPs living in Temporary PoC – Tongpiny, I am grateful to
thank UNMISSand other Human Rights based organizations for standing with us
during the trying times when the war broke out in Juba. If it were not your
goodwill and good hearts, most of the people who came here for safety would
have lost their lives. Thank you very much for your kindness and true
service to humanity,” he thankfully wrote to UN Police chief.

He says the time of opening and closure of gate at PoC-Tongpiny site must
be changed. The gate closes from 10:00am to 4:00pm but the IDPs want it to
be open from 7:00 am to 11:00 am and from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm. This is
because the women who have gone to the markets during the day to buy food
in the afternoon will be able to come back at 2pm before the dark.

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