Twic health facilities struggle after separation from Warrap State
WARRAP (17 Sep.)

The former county health department in the so-called ‘Twic State’ is
struggling to run facilities and maintain personnel after the Establishment
Order separated the country from Warrap State.

President Salva Kiir’s decree divided the state into three parts but
provided no funds for upgrading county health departments into state health

Twic State Minister of Health Dr. Edward Ayong says that health facilities
in the new state are facing numerous challenges among them the lack of
human resources and finances.

He revealed that since the split of greater Warrap the area has been unable
to recruit enough qualified health personnel.

“There are a lot of problems in my state that range from lack of human
resources and funds. As I am speaking to you now we are told not to recruit
qualified health workers because there is no budget. Also in my state we
are still operating within the budget allocated for defunct Twic County to
delivery health services until the new budget will be available,” Ayong
explained in an interview with local media.

Dr. Ayong also expressed his concern about an increase of malaria cases,
chest problems, and diarrhoea and pneumonia among children.

He pointed out that lack of good roads in some counties such as Ajak Kuac,
Pan Nyok and Akoc remains another challenge facing health services delivery
in the area.


Understanding South Sudan’s collapsing health system: The Establishment

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