UNMISS denies involvement in Wau night patrols

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September 19, 2016 (WAU) – The United Nations Mission in South Sudan
(UNMISS) has distanced itself from reports that its peacekeepers are
involved in night patrols within Wau town.
[image: JPEG - 16.3 kb]*UNMISS troops from India patrol the UNMISS compound
in Juba, South Sudan recently (UN MISSION/AP)*

An official in Wau, one of South Sudan’s largest towns, was quoted saying
they had resolved that UN troops be allowed to conduct joint patrols in

“We have also reached an understanding ground with the faith groups since
the state government stands to maintain peace and reconciliation to start
advocating for peace everywhere during their prayers,” Angelina Ubur, the
state minister for law enforcement earlier told *Sudan Tribune*.

The UN, the minister alleged, formed a security committee that will patrol
inside the UN, Red Cross and protection sides.

But UNMISS, in a statement, said remarks attributed to the minister were
“inaccurate” as it never requested, or agreed to joint patrols with
security organs.

“The mission continues to advocate for unfettered access for UNMISS patrols
and humanitarian partners in parts of the country including Wau,” it said
in a statement.

Dozens of people have reportedly been killed and over 120,000 displaced
from their homes in a wave of fighting in Wau, almost a year after a peace
agreement was signed to bring an end to civil war in the country. According
to estimates from the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian
Affairs (OCHA), almost 50,000 people have been displaced within Wau.


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