Taban Deng’s Political Holiday
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By Elbow Chuol,
[image: Former Machar allies, now serving Salva Kiir's side, Taban Deng
Gai, Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth and Stephen Dhieu Mathok Ding, drinking tea at a
kiosk in Juba.(Photo: file)]

Former Machar allies, now serving Salva Kiir’s side, Taban Deng Gai,
Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth and Stephen Dhieu Mathok Ding, drinking tea at a kiosk
in Juba.(Photo: file)

Sept 20, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– 1280 A.D, Scotland: In the Valleys of
Stirling, Scotland, the first exciting official battle between the Kingdom
of England and those of Williams Wallace was formally fought bravery for
the sake of freedom. Hundreds of years of rape practiced and killing of the
Scottish by the Englishmen wasn’t something mythical or Hindus fiction
designed to tarnish the name of the palace in Birmingham.

The indigenous Scottish survived in the valleys of Scotland
poorly disorganized enduring hardship from the nuisance of Englishmen
under well-organized system of governance and objective to conquer
the world, until a hero was born Williams the Brave heart.

Williams emanated into scene after his wife publically executed by
the sector commander in the armed forces of England because she refused
to kiss the commander. Then, the quest for freedom virtually
established itself in the minds of the Scottish men.

I retold this story to remind you that human beings don’t
tolerable oppression. Any system designed to rape the wives of men
shall constantly encounter powerful revolution and total overthrown.
South Sudan doesn’t need peace talks as the men in the West want us
to believe.

The only cure for South Sudan is to depose the existing regime designed to
rapes our wives, daughters and burnt them alive. The system is failing us
to breath. This is unbearable. It’s already does. Please give us a space.
Kiir Must Go.
Where do I start?

I hate involving Ngundeng in South Sudanese politics but the significance
behind Ngundeng predictions remind me of the black hole which some people
are verbally trying so hard to close. Of course Ngundeng didn’t mention
Amb. Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth anywhere near his highly misinterpreted
mysterious foretelling but any name like “Deng” is vastly awarded to some
individuals; Ngundeng included.

I know the usual thinking. Africans were initially oriented to
think religion is everything but religion indeed was once in fact
everything in the Western centuries ago. Even today, Vatican combined
both science and religion; they are the richest entity on earth.
Almost every Catholic priest is a scientist. The famous theme; Both Faith
and Science are not foe.

Jesus Christ applied the law of physic in all the miracles he performed on
earth. Even Sir Isaac Newton borrowed some of his law of Physic from Jesus
Christ’s famous saying like, do unto other what you would also like other
do unto you. If you think I lied, consider Newton’s third law of motion.
For every action there is an equal and opposite re-action.

In case you seem to have a worse day today, smile to that waitperson at the
bar, she will smile back to you big time.

I am suggesting we have to sit down and learn about Ngundeng prophecies
though at one point some of us have to decide to accept them or totally
dismiss them. Let me make this point very modest and clear. Don’t ignore
Ngundeng prophecy because he is one time a predictor from the side of your
enemy. Ngundeng never claimed to be worship or God. He is merely a man who
is extraordinary gifted with sense of seeing the future like many others
the history evidently recorded. Pyramid is a spiritual but science seems to
claims the credit. Ngundeng was a man of great spiritual knowledge and
highly charged of science imaginations.

Both men and women who built pyramids possess a strange spiritual knowledge
and science. Time will come both science and religion shall come to
conclusion; both trying to proves the existing of the same passion. You
cannot believe me because I am not a European.

Talking about Ngundeng occasionally can be intellectual fantasy. But the
truth is South Sudan’s spiritual curiosity keep surrounding us in our
everyday lives. Ngundeng philosophy is not dead. It is here to stays within
the political scene in South Sudan. Any means use fighting such an existing
ideology is wasteful of time and resources.

Common sense tell us the same force you applied to fight Ngundeng imaginary
is the same force you are going to meet from the predictions. If you have
hard time accepting it, read Sir Isaac Newton’s third law of emotion.

There are things nature doesn’t have cure for. However, whatever a mind of
a man perceived, exist. Ngundengism is already a belief and only science
can counter that, the greatest rival of the world’s major religions.

I remembered once, Amb. Ezekiel Lol preaching in Church that America is a
God. I was wondering whether he mean the global corporatocracy spearheaded
in America is the God or the people. This is a common misunderstanding
existing in every human being; we mistake things for gods like. It all
based who chose to think that way.

What does this mean? It means a typically South Sudanese with no third eye
would take this current situation for granted. I am talking about the
appointment of the Gen. Taban Deng Gai. And because many people find it
boring talking about Ngundeng, let me do exactly that.

The question many of us would love to ask is, did Ngundeng tell us anything
about STD (Stephen Taban Deng)? Well, I never heard anything about the son
of Deng Gai in all the prophet’s songs. This brings us to one simple
reality; despite whatever Ngundeng may mistakenly say about STD, analysis
science can prove this realistically right, the man is painfully hated
except by the few who are desperate for positions and decided to put their
struggle on the gold coin. Despite his vast ambition for power, those who
are bond to ignore the past most obtain repeat it.

For those whose minds can be clear to focus just for a second. Enough is
enough. Let’s remember the incident of 1999, more than 17years ago, Gen.
Taban Deng Gai was sent to represent the SPLM-Nasir faction for the SPLM/A
(s) reunion. What he did shocked everyone in the land of men and women of
vision. The man never returned rather enjoyed the promised glories by Dr.
John Garang de Mabior.

This year of April (2016) When Gen. Taban Deng was entrusted to leads the
SPLM/A-IO Advance Team to Juba, the result is never ending spinning circle.
He is again lured into traps. It is just a matter of time many of you with
their eyes widely opens will be shock how the history repeated itself;
again Taban Deng will not go anywhere just like in the old days. This is
why many of us are not wasting our time supporting him because we indeed
learnt from the past and can’t afford to ignore it.

Apart from him not being mentioned by Ngundeng, STD have got nothing to
prove that he is capable leading apart from doing exactly what his masters,
JCE commanded him to do. He ransacked the entire Unity State resources and
with this opportunity at hand he can do unthinkable. This is not survival
of the fittest. It is struggle for existence of the people of South Sudan
under the current genocidal regime lead by Salvacrocy.

History tells of men and women who gave up near to the closing line. Taban
and his boat crew did exactly that. These people who are also joining the
enemy aren’t exceptional too. Great victories were won by few not the vast
armies on the side of men and women who fought entirely in return of
something. The few with willpower always enjoys the victories. As time pass
by, more of these weak people will joins the genocidal regime and surprised
by the victory of the few.

To better understand, when it’s come to South Sudan crisis even the people
in Washington DC completely get lost in the sea of political confusion
though they pull the string behind the curtain. The international community
always fails to comprehend how the crisis in the youngest nation can be
negotiating to an end while indeed they play the opposite. And individual’s
personal opinions like those of John Kerry and Donald Booth wouldn’t change
anything concerning the crisis in south Sudan. As I write this article, we
are rewriting our path to better South Sudan not the South Sudan based on
the opinions of others.

Like any other peace process in Africa. Sudanese peace agreements signed in
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia never bear fruits. Something is happening which the
universe doesn’t want us to apprehend here.

To tell you the truth, talking about peace at this point is merely
a sermon. Salva Kiir dissolved the Peace Agreement by appointing Gen. Taban
Deng which was the intention initially. Gen. Taban doesn’t have backing
from the armed opposition but he hope to divide them to achieve his
political goals and that of JCE something which the awaken youth among the
Opposition wouldn’t allow to happen. We refused to be use as a tool and
this politics of divide and rule shall shamefully remained in the hotels
beyond our borders not in the ground of South Sudan where our vast
unimaginable army exist. It is our thinking which shall sharp the future of
South Sudan not the opinions of the few like those of John Kerry and
Ezekiel Lol.
What was I saying?

H.E Taban Deng’s political holiday is purposely meant to serve
the following spirit; to split the Armed Opposition and most importantly to
separate the Nuer and end up fighting each others. Get it pure. Apart from
putting into water the peace agreement, the latest political short cut of
Gen. Taban Deng Gai is amazingly sickening. It is to hurt Dr. Riek Machar
hoping to spread the virus to the people backing Machar.

This doesn’t need a laboratory scientist to spot the observable political
trends here aiming to break down the People’s Movement. Gen. Taban Deng is
politically wrong because he succumbed to position more than what he
initially claims to stand for. Scorpion cannot hide its tail for long. It
will bite unexpectedly. As much as we appreciate his endless ambition he
recently discovered in search for power, he is doing this in the wrong time
for the wrong regime; that of Salva Kiir.

To justify my claims, Gen. Taban Deng was everything in the SPLM/A-IO. He
was the Chief Negotiator, Member of Liberation Council, Member of National
Convention, Member of Political Bureau, Head of Opposition Logistic,
Appointed to head the National Committee for Peace and Reconciliation,
overseeing the implementation process, part of JMEC, Minister of Mining,
and beside that, the fourth most powerful man in the Movement. There is no
man on earth deserved such a glory. But he wasn’t ok, something as a
political student, I logically understood.

And we shouldn’t be confused there is different between surrendering and
corporation. Let us be honest, the STDian willingly surrendered and openly
decided to yield to status quo in pretext of replacing Dr. Riek Machar, the
legitimate First Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan.

This is a great political joke employed to create more confusion. Stephen
Taban Deng officially joined Salva Kiir genocidal regime to fight against
the victims of December 15 2013 perhaps or most probably to finish the
remnants of South Sudanese they initially sacrificed for their political
glories. He is not alone they are many, indeed several of them are in the
hiding and soon they are joining their masters; Jieng Council of Elders.

Taban may not in real sense plan to hurt his community Nuer but why is it
hard that we abortive to see he also failed like other Nuer politicians who
when they have personal political hitch with Dr. Riek Machar they rather
hurt the entire Nuer community? Don’t mistake the point here, Gen. Lado
Gore in morality should be the man to replace Dr. Riek Machar but Kiir and
his gangs knew that Gen. Taban Deng is a Nuer and the Movement is heavily
backup by the Nuer, hoping to kills two birds with one stone; crushing
rebellion by splitting the opposition.

In February this year I posted on my Facebook timeline the
future appointment of Taban Deng but my comrades in struggle hiked on
me hard. A political science student sees like a prophet unless one is not
serious about the course.

And south Sudan as perfect example of “political market place” it is easy
for all the ‘retail politicians’ to market their political entrepreneur
skills, buying clients to support them. This practice of clientilism
politics is predominant in Africa. Taban Deng as retail politician is
fitting exactly into this situation. An opportunity to buy loyalty among
the people in order to kills his worst enemies; Dr. Riek Machar and
Angelina Teny.

Those who are fed up with Dr. Riek Machar’s incoherent to do what is expect
by his supporters will definitely go. The folly whose ages decide and
influence their decisions and not what they truly believe in will surely
keep going one by one until the entire corn’s field is clear from thorns
and weeds.

Salva Kiir has long ago desired to work with some Wheel-barrow politicians
he can manipulate and politically rotate like merry ground. Kiirocracy
choirs are also good at identifying these peculiar “paytriotism”selfie
politicians, those who verbally “confused surrendering with cooperation”.

Their wish is to see Freedom Fighters scramble using those who have Anger
Management Problem to carry out their political agenda. Those who can do
anything even if it means seeing south Sudanese die on process if their
political appetite is satisfy. The problem with these people is that their
emotions do the reasoning. We should learn to approach our emotions with

Let us not ignore this. Observable traits of social
political misunderstanding can be solve but a society which its
politicians doesn’t approach their emotions with reasoning can never attain
peace and prosperity. Every social organization has a set of an
established philosophical belief. As part of this world, South Sudanese
doesn’t have social philosophical belief because all the supposed leaders
to establish this are all paytriotism citizens, using their emotions
to reason rather than approaching their emotions with reasoning.

This is why you can see Salva Kiir cannot implement peace agreement with
Dr. Riek Machar. Emotions bypassing reasoning is what driving
Armed Opposition politicians mad joining Salva Kiir genocidal regime.

Another important point to remember in the latest events is that SPLM of
Salva Kiir is applying the old tactic of divide and rule policy. The Kiir
government strongly believed learning from experience, it is easy to apply
the divide and rule against the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar massively
backup by Nuer.

Setting Nuer against one another and buying up the dissatisfy loyalists
whose aim in the first place is fighting for positions rather for the
objective of the Movement. This is the first agenda in the Kiirocracy
system of governance. This method perfectly works so well to weaken the
entire rebellions wage by Dr. Riek Machar against injustice. They have one
simple motto: divide and rule; they will come back one by one and their
rebellion shall be no more. Just like she goat refusing to be screw at
first but later instantly accept to be screw.

And this expectation never went hopeless, they finally found Gen. Taban
Deng one of the she goats who at first refused being screw but later
agreed. They aren’t wrong. STD failed to learn from the fate of the
generals. Recently, there is a change of attitude among the
Armed Opposition backup by the Nuer. Nuer in the ground agreed that no
one will fight each other because this is not their culture. It is
working now perfectly well.

Indeed if the genocidal regime hopes to see the armed opposition turn their
guns against each other, I am sorry to announce that so far it is becoming

Salva Kiir will be defeat by the very money his regime budgeted to buy off
the loyalists within the Armed Opposition and his massive
military equipment his government keep importing. I am talking about
the Chinese fake guns turned to be fakes by the will and the
determination of the freedom fighters.

Let us be honest those who mistakenly follow Gen. Taban thought the man
will quickly achieved what they think Dr. Riek Machar failed to bring
forth. Little do I remind them that there is nothing Gen. Taban will do
rather than working for JCE to implement the policy of divide and rule.

This political holiday of once a powerful governor of Unity State doesn’t
come with happy smiles either. The man doesn’t have forces in the ground.
This is a fact not fiction. All this madness is nothing but Taban Deng’s
Political Holiday. I am talking about this war will be won by the armed
Opposition in fact by the few of them. History is whipping out the weeds
from the finest grains and at the same time selecting those approach
emotions with reasoning from those approaches reasoning with emotions.

Recently, I learned something very important. Dr. Riek Machar is one of the
greatest men who approach emotions with reasoning and this is why he is
always three steps a head of his foe.


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