Obama asks rich nations to support S Sudan neighbors
Daniel Danis | September 22, 2016 | 1:10 pm     
Barack Obama, US President.     
Barack Obama, US President.

US President Barack Obama has called on the richest countries to offer
funds to countries hosting refugees from South Sudan and other parts
of the world.

President Obama said there are over 21 million refugees who have fled
their homes and are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance.

He appealed to wealthy nations in the West and Asia to offer support
to millions of women and children facing starvation due to conflicts
in their countries.

Obama, who was making his last remarks as President at the UN General
Assembly this week, says the world should also put pressure on leaders
who are using violence to displace their citizens.

He says leaders should not be allowed to continue to use violence to
achieve their interests.

“The mentality that allows for violence with impunity is something we
cannot excuse,” President Obama stated.

“Ultimately, our world will be more secure if we are prepared to help
those in need, and the nations who are carrying the largest burden
–with respect to accommodating these refugees.”

President Obama said 4.5 billion dollars has been contributed so far,
including a 1 billion dollars increase from the US for lifesaving
food, clothing, medicine and shelter.

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