Former detainees call for modification of South Sudan peace deal

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October 12, 2016 (JUBA) - A group of South Sudanese politicians has
issued a statement calling on the regional bloc and guarantors of the
August 2015 peace agreement in the country to urgently convene a
roundtable to discuss a way forward to put to a stop the rising
security situation, which they said, resulting from lack of confidence
in implementing the peace deal.

JPEG - 18.6 kb
Former cabinet affairs minister and G-10 team leader Deng Alor with
former justice minister, John Luk Jok, after their arrival at Juba
Airport on 1 June 2015 (Photo Moses Lomayat)

“We urge IGAD and JMEC, (as midwife of ARCISS and oversight mechanism
for its implementation respectively) to urgently convene a roundtable
of all South Sudanese stakeholders to address this rapidly developing
crisis in order to avoid another explosion. Such a roundtable should
aim at arresting any further deterioration in the situation by opening
lines of communication, agreeing on measures that need to be taken to
calm tempers quickly, in the short run,” a statement, seen by Sudan
Tribune, signed by Kosti Manibe Ngai, former finance minister and
member of former detainees, reads in part.

“Resuscitating ARCISS (Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in
South Sudan) in a modified form, or working out a new agreement in the
event ARCISS is proved to be beyond salvation, should be the ultimate
objective,” the statement added.

The group, according to the 11 October statement, also warned that
genocide could occur in the country if no immediate measures are taken
to restore hope and build confidence among communities.

“The country is on the edge of a precipice. For all purposes and
intent, our country appears to have been placed in a staircase to the
world of Former Yugoslovia, with all the ills of ethnic cleansing and
fragmentation. Are the leaders of South Sudan, especially its ruling
class going to allow this to happen? The results we are working for
through these incomprehensible and indeed reprehensible acts are an
insult to the sacrifices of the two million people who paid for our
independence with their dear lives. What is happening in our country
and the apparent inability of our leaders to stop it is nothing but a
disgrace,” the statement said.

The group expressed disappointment with what it described as a wanton
killing, destruction of livelihoods, targeting on the basis of
ethnicity, extreme intolerance for people professing different views
than one’s own. These acts, it stressed, must stop if the country was
to stay in peace and harmony.

It said they were of considered view that all the leaders need to
sober up, have a rational re-assessment of the options before the
people and retrace steps and do the right thing so as to avoid

“We therefore wish to appeal to all South Sudanese to allow sobriety
to rule in their engagement with one another and in addressing the
many issues about which we so passionately feel, whether these be
related to insecurity, tribalism, fairness, equality, justice,
marginalization, targeting on basis of ethnicity, nepotism, etc,” it

They appealled to leaders of South Sudan at various levels and
stations in life, and especially leaders of the warring parties and
those who are carrying arms to exercise restraint and reign in their

“We further urge them to avoid taking precipitous actions or decisions
in the heat of the moment. During such trying times, sobriety is of
essence,” they advised.


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