Makuei warns communities to refrain from supporting rebels
JUBA (13 Oct.)

South Sudan’s government through its spokesperson Michael Makuei has
threatened communities on Wednesday that his government may take
measures against them if they are suspected to be supporting rebels.

He threatened “measures that may not be favoured by the communities.”

“Instead of moving forces into those areas it is better that they are
flushed out or reported to the government,” Makuei said without
mentioning which ethnic communities he accused of harboring rebels.

However, he made the remarks in the context of a news conference about
attacks along highways leading to Juba. “Last week, an incident took
place in Juba-Kajo-Keji road in which 11 people killed, another
incident took place Juba-Yei road in which 21 were killed, another
incident took place in Juba-Nimula road in which one person was killed
and the incident that took place between Torit and Lafon County in
which the commissioner of Lafon county was injured and the executive
director was killed,” he said.

“Riek Machar has decided to transfer the war from upper Nile to the
Equatoria and especially to the Western Equatoria, Eastern Equatoria
and Central Equatoria. This is where all this incidents are
happening,” said Makuei.

“I am appealing to the communities that are harboring these terrorists
to refrain from harboring them. Any community, anybody who is
harboring a rebel or terrorists, is advised to refrain from that,” he

“I am saying that because we don’t want the government to go in search
of these terrorists within the communities, because in the course of
searching them in the communities, definitely, that may in a way or
other may cause inconvenience to some of the people,” Makuei warned.

He also addressed this remark to victims of the recent attacks: “I am
calling upon the relatives and friends of the victims not to take law
into their hand but to allow the law to take its course - allow the
government to take its action.”

Makuei said that the government has conveyed its condolence to the
family of the victims. He reiterated that the government will
apprehend all those who are targeting and killing people along the

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