South Sudan denies rumours of president Salva Kiir’s death as tensions rise
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By Different Agencies: OCT/12/2016, SSN;

South Sudan’s government was on Wednesday forced to deny President
Salva Kiir had died, following days of rumours over his health that
have heightened tensions in the capital Juba.

“This is a mere lie, there is nothing as such, Salva Kiir has not even
been sick,” Information Minister Michael Makuei Lueth told journalists
in Juba, slamming “wild rumours” he said aimed to divide the people of
South Sudan.

South Sudan President Salva Kiir Mayardit on Wednesday has called for
calm and a spirit of forgiveness. Kiir also made a public appearance
in the streets of Juba town this afternoon to refute rumors of his
deathKiir went into an open pickup vehicle accompanied by some senior
government officials to the neighborhoods of Gudele, Kator, Malakia
and Konyo-Konyo.

“I think seeing is the believing and for you to see me when I am said
to have been died is the believing that I am alive,” said Kiir after
the tour around Juba streets.

According to Kiir’s own statement on national television, he said he
left office earlier on Tuesday as he was feeling some abnormal heart

“Of course nobody can come to the media to deny his or her own death
but this is what you have now subjected me to. I am alive and well. I
want to assure my people of South Sudan that what they heard last
night and this morning where all fabrications by the enemies of

Kiir said those who wishing him death don’t want peace. The president
said the country has suffered for a very long time and “We would not
accept any fighting. If there are elements still among us doing their
job in between us, it will be a matter of time, we will handle them.”

The rumours have been doing the rounds on Twitter, and even spread as
far as Uganda where Kiir, 65, was reported to have fled for medical

Residents of Juba reported a higher than usual presence of soldiers on
the streets, as the rumours coincided with mounting concerns over an
uptick in violence in the troubled nation in recent weeks.

“We are scared of the situation. You cannot know what is exactly
happening but (there are) rumours that the president has died. Well,
it is said fighting may break out and this is why I am scared,” said
Moses Modi, a resident of Juba who was staying home over security

Another Juba resident, speaking on condition of anonymity, reported
that some schools had sent pupils back home.

“There are soldiers deployed along the road. Mainly the roads around
the ministries and the State House … I am at work but leaving (for)
home now. Because the tension is high,” she added.

South Sudan, which gained independence in July 2011, descended into
war just two and a half years later when Kiir in December 2013 accused
his former deputy Riek Machar of plotting a coup.

Numerous attempts to shore up a fragile truce failed, and in a major
setback to peace efforts, fierce clashes erupted in Juba on July 8
this year between Kiir’s guards and troops loyal to Machar.

The international community has expressed deep concerns over a spread
in violence since the July clashes, which pushed the number of
refugees from the war-scarred nation past the one-million mark,
according to the UNHCR.

In a further blow to peace hopes, Machar last month urged “a popular
armed resistance” against his rival’s government.

Machar, who fled to Khartoum in the July fighting, on Wednesday left
for South Africa for medical tests.

The United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) on Wednesday said
it was “extremely concerned over increased reports of violence and
armed conflict in various parts of the country in the last few weeks.”

In the town of Leer, in the north, UNMISS forces reported heavy
artillery and gunfire exchanges between forces loyal to Kiir and
Machar, leading to an unspecified number of deaths and sending local
populations fleeing.

In a statement UNMISS said it had been denied access to an area where
some 21 civilians were reportedly killed in an ambush on the road
between Juba and the southern city of Yei over the weekend.

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