South Sudan: Civilians Fleeing Government Attacks Prefer Rebel Held Areas
Juba, South Sudan.

Forces of SPLA in Opposition posting for a picture after assembly in
undisclose location in Western Equatoria(Photo: file)

Forces of SPLA in Opposition posting for a picture after assembly in
undisclose location in Western Equatoria(Photo: file)

Oct 16, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– The SPLM/A IO in Greater Mundri strongly
rejects allegations of looting and killing of civilians as recently
claimed by the governor of Amadi State.

According to Girma Apaya, the SPLM/A-IO reporter in the office of the
Commander of SPLM/A- IO forces in Greater Mundri, the statement made
by the Amadi state governor on 12 October 2016 on Radio Tamazuj that
the forces of SPLA IO forces in Greater Mundri have caused insecurity
in the area, “was not just baseless but a mere propaganda” meant to
gain sympathy from the people of Greater Mundri.

Girma believes that it is the government of Salva Kiir that kill, loot
and rape women, something his forces want to avert.

“His heartless act of ordering the government forces to kill,  loot,
and rape women in the area will never be forgotten.” Said Girma Apaya,
the spokesman.

Girma went further to strongly condemn governor’s decision to refuse
decease burial even for the children and elderly that were killed in
such incidents.

“Above all,  his demonic act of ordering the death bodies of children
of Greater Mundri to be eaten by animals and refused burial were the
worse act which is never been witnessed in Moruland.” Girma strongly
South Sudan Citizens Prefer Rebel Controlled Areas.

According to Girma, the citizens of Greater Mundri were in the bush in
fear of their lives from the government forces since the government
has been targeting non-dinka tribes in the county.

“They prefer to remain in SPLA IO controlled areas rather then to be
in towns or villages accessible to government where they are arrested,
killed on allegations that they are fighters and or informers of SPLA
IO.” Said the SPLM-IO spokesman, Girma Apaya.

“Till now,  women could not come to town in fear of rape and brutality
against them.” He continued.

Girma said that his SPLA IO forces engaged the government forces in
Kediba, the headquarters of Mundri East last Sunday, because of the
increase rate of rapes against women and young girls in the area.

“In fact the operation was meant to rescue a women from the government
forces who alternate to rape her” Apaya said.

“We congratulate our gallant forces for successful dialoging the
government militias from the area and achieved the intended result.”
Apaya said.
Cantonment Areas in Equatoria

On the issues of cantonment areas,  Apaya warns Mr.  Joseph Ngyere,
the governor, to looks for an exit strategy before things fall apart
in South Sudan,

Apaya dismiss many allegations labelled against their forces and top
leadership, and called on the Amadi state governor to follow the

“that it’s not him to engage the SPLA IO forces to contain in whatever
they called a cantonment area to trap the IO forces to be slaughtered.
” Said Girma Apaya.

“SPLA IO forces have their own structures and Chief of General staff
from whom they get their instructions.  It’s therefore,  a luck of
knowledge of work that is prompting him to speak on what is far out of
his line of administration.” Girma said.

“I advise the governor to rather think of getting a way to refrain
from his heartless act against the people he claimed to be their ruler
and accept his mistakes and come back to seek for forgiveness from the
local community.” Said the Spokesman, advising the government of Salva

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