SPLM-IO warns regional expulsion of its leaders could complicate peace process

Adel Sandrai, a representative to Kenya of the Sudan People’s
Liberation Movement in Opposition faction under the leadership of
former first vice president, Riek Machar, has protested a push by the
Kenyan members of parliament to slap sanctions against relatives of
his boss, warning such a move would complicate peace process.

“Rushing to impose sanctions against leaders and threatening to kick
their relatives and family members out of Kenya will not help resolve
the political problems of South Sudan either. In fact, doing so will
only complicate the conflict further”, said Adel in an opinion article
obtained by Radio Tamazuj.

Kenya, he said, should not allow itself to be influenced by talks in
certain quarters that are not familiar with the South Sudanese crisis
and are biased. It is important for Kenya to continue playing its
leading role as the stabilizing factor in South Sudan given its
knowledge and experience of dealing with the crisis

The opposition official was reacting to media reports quoting heads of
the two Kenyan parliamentary committees condemning a new call for a
return to war against Salva Kiir’s government by Machar’s faction. He
was reacting to remarks attributed to the chairman of Kenya’s security
committee in Parliament, Asman Kamama and his counterpart in the
defence and foreign relations committee, Ndugu’u Githinji, both of
whom said in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi that they working to table a
motion would be considered next week to decide whether to slap
sanctions against Machar and his relatives.

The Kenyan legislators said Machar’s comments calling for war were”
unacceptable and inexcusable” and demonstrated lack of concern and
value for the people of South Sudan.

After talks with members of his faction in Khartoum late in September,
Machar called his forces to reorganise for “armed resistance” to the
South Sudan government.

“We find the fresh calls for war unacceptable and inexcusable. We want
Machar and his allies to go back to the negotiating table as an option
to pursue and address his grievances,” Kamama told a press conference
at Parliament buildings.

“Taking the people of South Sudan back to the trenches must not be an
option. Saying the instability in South Sudan threatens Kenya’s
economic interests amid an influx of refugees into the country,said
Kamama further stressing that the bloodletting in the nation must come
to an end and Machar barred from accessing any East Africa country.

Kenya, according to Kamama, has lost businesses with some branches of
banks including KCB, Co-operative and Equity getting burned down in
the capital Juba.

“The war threatens the continent’s largest Lappset project. Machar and
his allies cannot live in comfort in Nairobi and have his children go
to better schools while people continue to die in South Sudan,” said

Githinji, on the other hand, said Machar cannot be allowed to use any
capital in the region as a launch pad for his atrocities back home,
against innocent citizens, after failing to perform his duties as Vice
President. “Machar and his allies cannot be allowed to enjoy the
comfort and relative calm of capitals with their children going to

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